Questions about pen and tablet settings and overall maneuvering in blender with a pen

The main thing I would like to ask about right now is what settings should I use.Also, a general idea about how I should be moving around in blender with the pen and tablet.Thanks!

The main things I would like to know about are these:

Pen Properties:

Express Keys:

Pressure Settings in blender:

User preference settings in blender:

  • crew

    Hey Perry, the only setting I really change is "emulate 3 button mouse", and the express keys to things like tab and shift. What is it about those other topics that you would like to know specifically?

  • I think the biggest thing is scrolling and zooming in and out. What are your preferences for this?

  • I can't remeber how I actually got my tablet to work within Blender, but I think it was:

    - in blender, switch 'emulate 3 button mouse' off

    - within the tablet/pen setings (I have a wacom and it has its own settings program):

    pointer: click

    button 1 on pen: middle mouse click

    button 2 on pen: right mouse click

    Works fine for me, I can combine the keyboard and pen with ctrl+middle click for zooming, shift+middle click for panning, middle click is just a button on the pen for orbitting around the object.

    Just try something out what suits you,