Chen Huang

Skills required to create 3D game assets

Hi all. I joined cgcookies to learn how to make 3d game assets. However, I noticed that models aren't made from scratch. Instead, a concept art or a model sheet is made first, and then the model can be made by using that. I am wondering, what kind of skill do I need to create 3d game assets independently? Do I need to master both concept art and 3d modelling skills? Thank you. 

  • That depends on your intention.

    If you think you can find someone or willing to work in a team who has another skill ,you can just keep practise modeling skill.

    Actually,you don't have to draw a whole picture,just some rough sketch is enough.

    It would be nice if you can master both skill but it's quite hard and take a lot of time.

    Most of the people who can master both concept art and modeling is because he started from 2d picture drawing from the start and keep move on to 3d modeling.

    Your choice.

  • crew

    We do teach starting off with concept art, partly because we teach it, but also because it gives you a good idea of what you'll need to model. That being said you can easily model without having reference images. Plenty of people are not skilled in concept art. You can find a combination of various references online then model from those. It's harder if you don't have a specific reference to follow, but it's done quite often. 

  • I have a weird..... hybrid, if you will, when I have an idea I want to model.

    1.  Draw it and model it - I'm not the most amazing person ever at concept art.  In fact, my line of thinking can be too restrictive on such a process (I'm trying to loosen it up).  But sometimes, I have a very strong idea of how it looks and I want to draw it down so I don't forget.  And maybe I'll play with the shapes and design a little bit.  But mostly it's a kind of recording process.  Then I can model from that.

    2.  Wing it sometimes - Sometimes, I just find reference images, like different vases as an example, and just go with my eye.  Maybe I like how there's an asymmetrical look to a vase, but I want the base to be fatter or slimmer or whatever I think looks good.  Improvisation is good.

    While having concept art helps to nail down what you want, especially if you want a certain look or style, it can be a tool you choose to use or not.  Concept art helps you explore what you're looking for in your game.  You don't have to master it, but having another tool to pull from certainly helps.  Or you can just have a bunch of reference images to pull from.  Just make sure when you're modeling, your models are consistent in style across your game assets.  Nothing ruins immersion like an out of place asset (unless that's the intention.)