Werner Beukes

Daz3d Character model into Blender using mcjTeleBlender

Hi there...

Need some answer regarding the mcjTeleBlender tut provided by How2Do found How2Do instruction here.

Thing is I wanted to test to see if i can bring in a Daz female/male model into an already made house scene in blender. I can import the Daz model on it's own and it works really well, all textures etc... but when i bring it into the house scene the Daz model stays in the solid white colours. It's as if the textures do not follow yet for the house scene everything is as it should be. The lighting that is used in teh house scene do however affects the Daz model as it should which is great. I am sure it's not a difficult thing to fix, what can i check before or even after i've imported the model into the house scene?

Any links to tutorial sites regarding what i would like to do is welcome. I am learning both Daz and Blender.