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Live Event with Wayne Dixon, Dec 5th

On December 5th at 5 pm (GMT-5), Wayne is hosting a Live Event to discuss his new animation course. He is also offering to critique your animations and answer any questions you have about animating with Blender.

This thread is a call to Citizen members: Please submit your animations if you'd like to get a professional critique from Wayne. They can be personal animations, results from animation courses, or animation exercise submissions. By "submit" I mean to paste a link to your animation or embed a video.

Additionally, please post any animation-related questions for Wayne to answer during his stream.

  • I can't wait for this! 

    Wayne has already very kindly offered to critique this on the live stream, but I'll post it here to make it easier to find. 


  • Hi I want your question about something you could sell some of my own models in .blendermarket

  • crew

    We've heard a few questions like this recently and I'm actually planning to get a stream scheduled with Matthew Muldoon (runs the Blender Market) about being successful on the BM. Keep an eye on the Event Schedule for that stream! Should be soon.

  • This one took me quite a lots of time, it's all hand animated. 

    And this one is for body mechanics exercise. 

    And Wayne said he's going to critique this one on the live stream. I post it here so it will be easier to find.


  • Hi! What is the difference between extend key and grab\move key tools in the Dope Sheet transform menu?

  • Have a few questions:

    In Blender is it possible to animate with layers, similar to Maya's anim layers?

    Do you have any favorite Blender add-ons that help with animation?

    Do you have a favorite site for reference or assets?

    When it comes to freelancing as an animator, what skills do you recommend learning on top of animation?

  • Is it Baker will be used on course? Will it be updated to current version of blenrig?

  • I also got some questions.

    Is my current skill good enough for freelancing? so far I'm only good at animating compare to my other skills like modeling, rigging and rendering. 

    How much will be reasonable for per animation, per hour, per week and per month?? 

    English isn't my first language, so will it be a big problem for freelancing??  I can understand the course quite well, but I'm not quite sure when freelancing. 

    And how you deal with procrastination?? I feels like I procrastinated quite a lot recently. 

    I never did freelancing before so if you can share your experience that will be helpful.

    Thank you!!

  • Hi, 

    in the Animation bootcamp we have learned two different walk cycles. Could you explain in practice advantages and disadvantages of those different approaches and when one should be used.


  • crew

    kkanokim Did you catch the livestream last week? We covered this exact topic. If you missed it, you can watch the recording.

  • crew

    Haha I love your character ball animation 😆

  • What ever happened to Bum Chin The Musical?