Tim Von Rueden

Tim's Desk - "The Fantastic Workshop" this November!

I am always on the lookout for workshops that I believe will not only be a fun and creative experience but one that I can take away a lot of knowledge and insight that I am not familiar with. This one focuses on building yourself artistically as an entrepreneur. There will also be talks and demos from acclaimed artists which can all be found on this page HERE

So this past weekend during an art haüs jam, Peter Mohrbacher (who is hosting this event) convinced myself along with Gawki to be a part of this year's workshop. 

I admitedly will be attached to Allen Williams hip and be his second shadow, just following and picking up any piece of advice he's willing to lay down. So if you attend, to find me just look for Allen lol.

Just wanted to pass on another workshop to anyone who is interested and I'm looking forward to this event!