Bump map VS normal map

So I was able to make a fabric texture for a piece of clothing, but right now it stands as its normal texture and a bump texture I was able to make with the Blender internal render engine. (Man that was a blast to the past!)

So I am a bit confused on the terminology of what is a bump map exactly. I know it plugs into the displacement field of an object but compared to a normal map what it is? Simple question really, been using blender so long no one talks about the anatomy of bump maps. I just followed a tutorial along to make some fabric texture.

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    Matthew Fricker

    A bump map is a greyscale image that contains height information only. Normal maps are much more technical and they give a much more accurate representation of how light is deflected off a surface.

    The blog article below by Jonathan Lampel will tell you all you need to know :)

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    Jonathan Gonzalez

    To piggy back what Large frikkr posted, this is the relevant portion of the article:

    Bump maps are the old school way of adding detail to low poly objects. They are used in the same way as normal maps, except they only contain height information and not angle information

    Normal maps are a type of bump map, to quote Wikipedia:

    Normal maps are commonly stored as regular RGB images where the RGB components correspond to the X, Y, and Z coordinates, respectively, of the surface normal.

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