Piero Live Critique Result [art showcase!]

Hello all!

If you haven't gotten a chance to submit artwork to one of the Live Critique Streams yet, I highly recommend it! (Only some memberships include this though, so check yours to see if it lists "submission to critiques", etc, etc.)

I wanted to show off the new changes on my project that I've been working on since the critique. It's still in progress, but shaping up well!



Brightened up the eyes, added texture to the wings and made them less blurry. Toned down saturation on the wings and added feathers for a more continuous feel.

Still working on getting the texture I made to show up in the iris... it's just so small it kind of disappears in the render! Also going to eventually figure out how to mess with the histogram light settings and "brighten up" the final render as suggested. Hoping to finish rigging soon, but grad school has kept me busy.

Feel free to share your progress below! I'd like to see what everyone else in the Blender live critiques has been doing since that event. :)

To Kent and Jonathan, thanks again for the thorough critiques!

jlampel and theluthier