Soap Pump - Cycles - Product Photography

Well, this is project i did for a quick challenge, i modeled everything in rhino, exported in high poly .obj to blender.

The concept: Put the pump into context, fancy bathroom toilet. Nice black tiles with a marble table. As it is for this brand

Problems i'm having: 

1- Light is too low (i have this problem over many renders i did of other stuff). The world is set to black  and i'm only using 3 lights plus one to define this border on the left.

Also there is this tile refractions on the glass, which i don't know how to take out.

2- Composition

It feels empty, i was thinking of other products for context but maybe it will take the eyesight from the product. Other possibility is adding some bubles (don't know how i am gonna do it yet) on the floor (quite odd beacause it means the product doesn't work well) or the peak.