Sarfraz Ahmed

How to export mesh in FBX format with the textures packed?

Hello everyone. I hope everything is great. My name is Sarfraz Ahmed. I am having an issue with the FBX format in blender. I am actually trying to export my mesh from blender to 3ds max but the problem is that the textures that I assign in blender are not transferred through FBX. Only mesh is packed but no textures.

I, at this moment, don't have 3ds max software so I picked unity5 instead of max and tried to import the model there, just to check. I found a solution on the internet where in the FBX export panel I have to choose the copy path mode and click icon on the side to pack the textures in the FBX binary. Or choose relative path mode for the FBX to read the textures from the same directory. But when I import my model in unity5, its the same gray model with no textures and I had to re-assign all the textures again, manually. They are not packed.

And for some reason I have to stick to the FBX format only and not OBJ or any other. Any kind of help is appreciated.


- Sarfraz

  • crew

    Hey Sarfraz, here are my export settings from Blender and my import settings in Unity. It seems to have worked fine for me. 

    You might also want to check that your textures are connected your material output.

  • Thanks for the help with Unity. But my main issue, as I mentioned in the topic, is that I have to transfer my mesh in fbx format over to my partner, where he is going to import it in 3ds max and work on it further. Lets take an example of the image mentioned below. With the fbx export settings shown in the reply above, is this necessary to transfer all the textures with the fbx or just the fbx? And after receiving the fbx, does he need to re-assign the textures to all the cubes again in the 3ds max or do they come assigned with the fbx?

    Again, thanks for the help, Jonathan.


  • crew

    FBX does not have the ability to pack textures and so you'll need to transfer those along with the .fbx file to your partner. 

    If he's importing it with relative paths then he shouldn't need to reassign anything, but that's also dependent on how 3DS Max has the materials setup. 

  • Thanks everyone for helping. I got what I wanted to know. This was my first ever topic here at CGC and I got help within few hours. I must say this is a really active community and I will definitely like to be part of this community.

    Happy Blending, peace

    - Sarfraz

  • crew

    Thanks for joining us sarfrazahmed!

  • jonathanwilliamson jlampel ... Greetings!

    Unfortunately, I'm still struggling with this process despite the explanations you provided.  But I know you guys are experts, so I'm confident you'll be able to point out what I'm doing incorrectly.

    **I have uploaded a video demonstrating exactly what I did HERE >> 

    To clarify, much like sarfrazahmed I am looking to export ONLY the image maps being used by materials in the scene (and NOT the image files that are unused/unreferenced by materials) to export into a directory along with the lone exported FBX file.  

    For a bit more background, the practical scenario is that I've been working on a building with a cllient (we're 26 revisions deep...) and so in the process of getting to the current verrsion, there have been MANY iterations of various image maps used to texture the model.  I need to send him the model as an FBX along with the images that are being used for materials - but NOT the older versions of those images.  

    Thanks in advance!