Deleted File HELP

Hey folks,

so I was working on my "Stylized Character.blend" for about 1-2 Months now. Because of a stupid mistake I set the File to be my Start-Up-File. 

Some time later I wanted to switch to Blender 2.79 and I did so. Because I heard that you can open your old Files in the new Version, I went ahead and deleted Blender 2.78. Unfortunately I also emptied the Bin afterwards.

Now comes the BIG Problem:

My "Stylized Character.blend" is gone!

I've tried Data Recovery and let it Search for 10 hours but had to pause it now, because I have to use my Laptop for working.

Does anyone know if there is still hope for me? Or what could be done to get it back? 

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    Kaj Suominen

    if you are using win7/win10, you can goto folder c:\users\<yourusername>\AppData\Local\Temp\ 

    and hopefully there you find it.

    if not you are out of luck. since you've been using the computer chances are the hdd blocks are being overwritten already and even extensive data recovery which costs tons could not save it.

    one thing to avoid this in future is that you save your work everytime to a new folder with running numbering and dates so you have something to fall back incase of a hw failure.

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    Jonathan Lampel

    Here's a video going over what Kaj mentioned about autosaves:

    Hopefully it's still there!

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    Hey thanks guys, but it didn't work :(  

    I guess I'll be more careful in the future.....

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