Carolyn Perez Hemphill

Deleted File HELP

Hey folks,

so I was working on my "Stylized Character.blend" for about 1-2 Months now. Because of a stupid mistake I set the File to be my Start-Up-File. 

Some time later I wanted to switch to Blender 2.79 and I did so. Because I heard that you can open your old Files in the new Version, I went ahead and deleted Blender 2.78. Unfortunately I also emptied the Bin afterwards.

Now comes the BIG Problem:

My "Stylized Character.blend" is gone!

I've tried Data Recovery and let it Search for 10 hours but had to pause it now, because I have to use my Laptop for working.

Does anyone know if there is still hope for me? Or what could be done to get it back?