Matthew Fricker

Goblin Sculpt for Halloween

Hey all :) 

I just noticed the Goblin sculpt livestream and I wanted to post here about it.

I asked Tim last year for permission to sculpt this , and I made a start to it straight away, but life got in the way and it got put on the back burner. My thinking was to try to get it done for this Halloween and now im super excited to see that you will also be sculpting it theluthier 

I am going to try to honour my commitment to finish it for Halloween so it will be great fun to see if I can do timvonrueden  proud and also see if I can get my piece anywhere near to the quality that I know Kent will produce. 

Ill post my progress here and I cannot wait for the livestreams :) 

Here is the awesome reference I am sculpting from that was drawn by Tim : 

Here was my early block-in from last year , ill hopefully get back to it this weekend :