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Addyson_H. -Sketchbook

Time to get to work! I've been working on studying the hand and it's been really interesting. Let me know what you think.

  • Hands are great to understand and become comfortable with as you may be drawing a LOT of them in your future lol. So keep going with these, for a month I drew a hand a day just to start it off and it helped tremendously!

    For your next studies maybe try playing more with values and seeing where the shadows lay versus the areas in light. Nothing too serious or even lining out where the shadow areas should be. 

    Keep it up!

  • Thank you for the advice! I'll keep working at it!😄👍

  • Just a fun idea I came up with while making waffles. 

  • Color Pencil - WIP 

    If anyone has any advice they would like to share please go right ahead.

  • I thought I would experiment with a different color of paper to see what I got.

  • Ok. So I have a question. I have a portfolio on art station, but then I was wondering if it would be counter-active to have two folders. One for 3D and one for Concept. Does anyone have an opinion on that?

  • It depends on what type of skills you what to show to potential clients. If you want to work as a 3d artist then put only those 3d work about which you are certain that they can give you clients. It goes the same for concept art. If you wanna do both then you can just post both.
    I hope it helps.

  • Ok. sounds good. Thanks! 

  • Hello! I'm looking for some opinions. I have heard that a graphic designer and a graphic artist aren't the same thing. After some research I came to the conclusion that graphic designers mostly works in text and does not do a lot of drawing. Other way around for the graphic artist.  Does anyone agree with that statement? 

    I was considering getting certified as a graphic artist (if my above statement is true). There are a few I found for graphic design, but then someone else said that you should get certified in illustration because you would do a lot more drawing?

    I have been reading a lot and both have their  benefits, but I would love to hear some thoughts from you guys!


  • crew

    Does anyone agree with that statement?

    Sounds about right! Graphic design is lots of dealing with fonts, logos, product packaging, print layout, etc...

    What would be the purpose of getting certified? Are you looking to pick up freelance work? If so, it would be a lot more helpful to build up a specific portfolio for the type of work you want to do (e.g. a portfolio of just logo design if you want to design logos, just illustrations if you want to do illustration, etc...).

  • I do believe that a portfolio is the most important thing. A friend recommended working for a company before going into freelancing because it would help with it a lot so I was looking into it. A lot of jobs that I am seeing require a degree or certification or something. I was thinking along the lines of I have already and am still working on my skills and portfolio I'll just add a certificate for the needs of others. 

    Am I over thinking things? Maybe I'm looking at things wrong? I have no idea. I'm just trying to come up with some sort of plan. Should I just keep building a portfolio and go job hunting? 

  • Reindeer concept (WIP)

  •     Life has been really busy! I have finally managed to get myself back together and start drawing again. 

    Inspiration struck so I drew a thumbnail.

    Then I just rolled with it. I did change the posture because, to me,  it was unrealistic........and uncomfortable. 

    I separated different sections so that it was easier to work with.

    I added a basic background on a different layer so I could see what kind of atmosphere I wanted to get.

    If anyone has anything they would like to teach me please feel free to share.


  • A bit more progress