Gallery/Project vs. Polybook

I'm liking the new version.

The new and improved Gallery/Project can do (better) some things that used to depend on Polybooks.

  • I've re-created a Polybook, since I'm used to it. I plan to post "ideas" and "snippets" there.
  • I plan to put "real work" into Gallery/project.
  • It's easy enough to post a gallery/project link into a Polybook.
    • Copy project URL
    • In Polybook, insert link
    • In Polybook, insert (thumbnail) image
    • If you tweak the HTML tags slightly, the link and thumbnail both take you to the gallery project.

Thoughts and opinions welcome.

  • crew

    Great insights! Agreed while testing we found ourselves asking, "Could the projects ability replace the need for Sketch/Poly books? Time will tell, but interesting to see where the community takes it.