Where can I find watch history?

I can't seem to find a simple list of the videos I've watched.  Would make it easier to go back to one that I wanted to revist and just to keep track.  The pick up where you left off section is not close to current.

  • Hi! I'm not sure about where you can find a list of watched videos but you can hit the bookmark button (top right near the heart button) to save videos to your bookmarks and that way build up a list of videos you can revisit. Not an exact answer to your question but thought it might help out :).

  • crew

    Hey there, we currently do not have a list of watched videos, though that is an interesting idea. We're kicking around ideas to best present progress tracking on the site.

  • Yea I was disappointed to see those video watched progress bars go away with the site update. I don't like to follow the recommended learning paths and instead like to jump around. Sometimes I decided to skip part of a course and save it for later. The video progress bars of the previous site were great in helping me see which courses I completed and which I had saved for later.

  • crew

    Appreciate the feedback. In our original designs we had progress bars on each content block, which we quickly learned was melting the server.  😞 The crew is actively discussing how to best bring this data back to the surface while making sure the site is lightning fast. 👍

  • I wonder if the progress bars could have been less heavy on the server if they didn't automatically save progress (instead, add a manual button to the video player to save progress on videos that you were taking a break from). I remember going through courses and hitting the pause button to see the progress saved unnecessarily sometimes... I may have been taking a short break to use the restroom or eat some food. I'd always come back to resume play without closing the browser, so having the progress automatically saved there was definitely a waste of server resources. 

    Or maybe just the old checkbox 'Mark video as watched' to add a text label under a particular video "You've finished viewing this video" or something... That by itself could help some of us organize what we've finished or not.