BC1-1908 Homework - Anna Rudzka

Some information about me :)

When it comes to 3d design, it is quite a new part of my professional activity. I am a jeweler by education and started designing for the need to create jewelery in the Rhinoceros5. It is very different than Blender because it is design in the NURBS geometry.

Some 2 years ago I got to know basic rendering functions in blender cycles because I needed to visualize projects for clients.

Few months ago I found a CG cookie and started to learn to model in Blender also.

That's it when it comes to my story.

I hope that I expressed myself understandably. English, unfortunately, is not my strong point.

  • hi, I'm putting in my treasure chests.

    Honestly, I did not expect that it would take me so much time. At the very end of the project I felt like in college during the exam session;)

  • annarudzka Designing jewelry seems like interesting work. Good job with the chest!

  • annarudzka Good effort!  There's a nice balance between the details and not making them look overly repeated.  The metal bars could maybe use a little more big dings or scratches across the surface just to help break up the overall smoothness.  Other than that, good work!

  • crew

    Welcome to the class annarudzka! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. I find it very interesting that your jewelers profession led you to Blender. 7 or 8 years ago my best friend asked me to model a custom ring that he was going to get fabricated for his fiance. It was a lot of fun and rewarding using Blender for such a practical reason.

    Your treasure chest is excellent! Nearly 100% authentic with the one from the course. The only suggestion from me is to "un-straighten" the straight edges as a whole. In the last video I opted to add a lattice modifier to eliminate the over-abundance of straight edges in the treasure chest. It should really hammer home the fun-loving lo-poly style.

    Even still, you've earned an A in my book 👍

    PS: Your English is entirely understandable :)

  • Hi,

    thank you for your comments :)

    I tried to add some scratches and bumps to the metal, not much, because I prefer a smoother version.

    I also used the lattice modifier. I really like this bending of the finished object.

  • Homework Submission - Week 2 

    When it comes to homework for the second week, the thought of texturing scared me a bit. I recently did the "Texture Painting an Ax" exercise. It was the most exhausting and demanding exercise for me.

    While I really like modeling in 3D, 2D painting is completely unattractive experience for me. Especially if I'm to paint parts such as shadows and highlights

    With relief and great pleasure, I learned about the possibility of adding depth to the texture by using dirty vertex color. I just love this option!

    Maybe texturing with such tricks is not so scary;)

  • crew

    annarudzka Wonderful job, Anna! This is an ample example of the course technique. The only [small] suggestion I offer is to  incorporate more broad gradients in the wood boards. Here's what I mean, courtesy of n647:

    Note how one side of the plank is notably darker the the other side. Adding these broad gradients occasionally can be very appealing. Just a small suggestion though, not something to detract from your work this week. It's an A in my book 👍

    Also kudos for adding the lattice deformation. I think it looks that much more interesting now :)

  • annarudzka Nice work!  Looking forward to the finished product!

  • Homework Submission - Week 3

    Hey, I'm adding my homework.

    On the first renderer before adding  gradients in the wood boards.

    On the second with them. On the second one, I was entertained about how metal should look. I wanted more differentiation between the places where it is smooth and more rough.

    I like the second render more. There is more diversity in it.

  • annarudzka looking very nice, personally I also like the second one a bit better, but both are quite nice