Kyle Fohrman

How to set up a tablet for blender?


I recently purchased a Wacom intuos art for use in my creative endeavors. I absolutely love it, and have been having a lot of fun setting up express keys for different programs. But I'm not sure what to configure when I'm using my tablet for blender sculpting and texture painting. Does anyone here use a tablet, and how did you set up expresskeys/blender settings? I know that you can set left click as select, but that's the only advice that I know of so far.

  • crew

    Very cool Kyle! One setting I often use with a tablet is Emulate 3 Button Mouse in the Input settings. That way you can use the pen to navigate really easily with the help of Alt, Alt+Ctrl, and Alt+Shift. I also like turning on the Pie Menus addon, though I use that with a mouse as well. 

  • I only set a button on a pen as a middle click(choose one you comfortable with), other than that I leave it as default(or disable it).

    Also, I position the tablet exactly the same as my mouse, so that I can use my keyboard alongside.

    In case I want to zoom or pan a view, simply use combination of pen button and ctrl, shift respectively

  • I recently bought a surfacebook 2 15inch. I have initially been using it at a desk with a bluetooth keyboard because using blender in tablet mode without a keyboard is difiult.

    I hope they really take a look at tablet only user interface functionality in blender 2.8 or 2.81

    anyone got some work arrounds.

    would totaly pay someone to write a few python scripts to make things easier...