Philipp Bauer

BC1-1908 Homework, Philipp Bauer


at day 1 I started making the same Sword, like the live stream, from my memories. I tried to remember the mechanics and I think it works well.

For day 2 I try to take a look on the "Treasure Chest" tutorial, also try to finish all parts fast because I see there is a second chest tutorial coming today :)

On day 3 I can do son have 18. Birthday :)

On day 4 I try to make my own model.

On day 5 I have to submit something ;)

I hope to reach my goals.

  • It looks good and clean from what I can see. 

  • Yeah, looks pretty good.  It is slightly different from Kent's but that's okay.  Good effort.

  • crew

    Setting clear goals, I like it. Happy birthday to your son! 🎂

    You sword looks great, very much akin to the one I modeled during the stream. I would say "this is passable for homework" but I don't want to risk you doing nothing else the rest of the week. So instead I say, "Keeping going!"

  • Keep at it man, you got this. I really like how you've laid out your goals for each day, could probably learn a thing or two from that...

  • Day 2: most of the first part is finish, 1.5 or 2 hours left :)

    To model the  "Treasure Chest" is much fun.

  • cruento Nice!  Keep chugging, dude!

  • Nice progress! I also really enjoy the random color shading option when modeling!

  • cruento Clean, efficient, these are the makings of a great chest. Keep at it!

  • cruento Looking good, Philipp.

  • Ok's day 4 and I have to do my own model :)

    I spent more than 5 hours today and still far away from finish:

    • Imaging what I want to model, OMG I spent 1 hour!
    • Struggle with my self, Sword, Bow, Battleaxe, Sign......30minutes ;)
    • Find my way, make a family sign........the rest of my day.

    Very happy with the result. But I don't finish the "Treasure Chest" chapter today, hope tomorrow.

    The next steps are detailing and adding some dents, dings and cracks.

  • cruento Nice shield like shape to your sign, I like it! Such Dutch names though.. are you a fellow countryman from the Netherlands perhaps? Keep it up you’re doing great honoring your goals :)

  • smurfmier1985 Thank you. No I am from Austria :) The symbol on the bottom is Celtic and mean the balance between male and female.

  • Day 5

    I have done a lot.

    I tried to model the tree of life by my own but it takes way to long. 

    Now I convert the template image with Inkscape and import as vector. 

    Is this okay or is it forbidden?

    Or is it okay if I don't told you? :)


  • cruento As long as you don't get caught. Unfortunately you did, but considering you're doing all three I have no qualms turning a blind eye to justice. This time...

  • thecabbagedetective thank you!

    Is this better:

    I like the sign with names and tree more but I think it is meaningful in case of texturing and shading to keep it simple and all this things are done by my self :)

  • Homework Week 1 Submission 

    I hope all is ok:)

    I like the Celtic cross ;)

    And 1 shot in color:

  • cruento Great effort!  Nice details on that shield.

  • crew

    This turned out to be such a cool project cruento! I love the family sign / crest theme. And I honestly really like the text and tree insignia at the top. I'm fine with you importing the vector information for the tree. You'd finish modeling that thing by hand this time next year ha! And since it's relatively a small detail compared to what you've built from scratch, I'm OK with you adding that.

    ( thecabbagedetective I also see where you were coming from about importing vector data 👌)

    My only suggestion is that the text be subtractive instead of additive. Meaning the words would look better imo if they were carved into the wood planks. That could make this more complex than you intended, in which case you can ignore the suggestion. But currently the text doesn't match the rest of the sign. Perhaps because it's too perfect. If you opted not to carve, adding some damage and irregularity to the text would be a step in the right direction.

    Even without the text, it's an A in my book. With the text (damaged or carved) you'd earn that coveted + 😁

  • theluthier silentheart00 thank you! I will give it a try :) Think it could work with Boolean modifiers. Cut the whole letters with knife tool would be a bit mess? I will tell you my results and what's the conclusion.

  • cruento Alternatively, you could use Knife Project. That creates less geometry than Boolean...

    Left: Knife Project, right: Boolean.