CGC Challenge Juli 2019, Vehicle WIP

After (or actually still during) Jonathan's 30 Days of Modelling, There are two major things I learned that will be helpful in this months challenge:

Not to feel so pressured to get things perfect.

And to speed up;)

So, I am still doing the 30 Days, but finished today's entry. Decided to get started (is that too early?) and, although I won't be able to design a vehicle from scratch (at least not in one month!), I will try and give it something of a personal touch.

I am going for a sort of insect-based flying machine, thinking of 'Lexx' (those 'little bug flyers').

Here is my first block out, using (sometimes slightly modified )primitives:

The idea is, to first get the basic shape this way and then retopologize...

  • Lol, you said July in Dutch in your topic. Guess you miss being here 😛

    I allow the early start 😉 I already like the model in it’s  blockout stage, looks like a fun vehicle!

    I’ll be around your thread to cheer you on mate, you are going all the way to the finish line this time!

  • smurfmier1985 I definitely should change that, but as I am trying to be less of a perfectionist, I will leave it as is! 

  • Is making a thread like this one required for the challenge, or would it be okay for me to just put my entry in my polybook?

  • williamatics sharing your WIP in your polybook is perfectly fine William :)

  • Spend most of my day working on the 'grand final' of 30 Days of..

    I am still figuring out, what I want to make.

    For me the first thing is not to get reference, but to get to know , what to make (this also includes looking at reference pictures, of course, but not to see how what you want to make looks like, but to hope for inspiration...).

    Maybe I'll stay closer to the insect, perhaps a bee? Then I can imagine a gigantic spaceship with beehive-like docking stations...

    I don't know yet, might end up with something completely different. Just 'brainstorming'...

  • spikeyxxx This is a fun spin from the "traditional" concept of vehicles.  Looking forward to where this goes!

  • Today I tried making the bat-like wing, because I really like the way it looks:

    It was fun and I am happy with the way it turned out so far, but I am still not sure if I want to continue this.

    Tomorrow I will get started on the bee-hicle.

    I actually like that idea a lot better. Just see how that is going to work. It's very open to interpretation and I don't know yet what direction it will take me when I start modelling...

    We'll see tomorrow, when I've got something started.

  • spikeyxxx good stuff there.

  • louhikarme Thank you Kaj!

  • spikeyxxx I love these bat wings, they look very nice and interesting, unique approach that works super well 😊

  • smurfmier1985 Thanks Miranda, I liked them as well, but they're not my design, I made them from a reference (which I am not sure if I can share here) of a steampunk plane render by Chorazin3D.

    So, although I like the way they look, I would like to go for something a bit more original. That's why I want to try the bee idea tomorrow;) 

    Thinking of the 'moth shuttle' from LEXX, but then a bee...

  • Made a new block-out and I like where this is going:

    Now I have to decide if I want this made out of metal and so, like shown here, or if I want to make it more organic. Those would require completely different ways of modelling, so the decision needs to be made before proceeding. This means I will take a 'short' break and re-watch some LEXX, hoping to get an idea of how to continue...

    The idea with this model is that, from front to back , we have the cockpit, the engine compartment, where the wings and feet/landing gear are attached and the storage/luggage room.

    I'll report back later today.

  • crew

    Wonderful details in the bat wing spikeyxxx . Very interested to see what kind you come up with.

  • theluthier Thanks, it's a pity that I won't be using it (at least not in this project.., might finish the whole steampunk flying machine later).

  • I decided to go for the mechanical version, one: because it is easier and two: because there will be a lot more room for interesting details.

    For today I will stop now and look at it again tomorrow, to see if I'm happy with the general shape (it's always a good idea in my experience, to look at it with 'fresh' eyes).

    I am not going for perfect bee proportions, but just want something that is pleasing to the (/my) eye...

    Wings and feet aren't done yet, I don't know how I want to do them, so I just put some placeholders there, so at least I know, where they will be.

    The final model will get a very basic rig, so that I can pose it to look more interesting.

  • Mainly focused on the 'legs' today and I like the way the blocked out version looks.

    But now I'll have to make the 'body' less round to be more consistent in the design.

    In this early stage, I'm doing way more thinking (and searching for reference) than actual modelling;)

    Still, I am convinced that the result will be worth it.

    I am already looking forward to texturing and shading this!

  • spikeyxxx ah yes, the preparation and blockout stage.. good you’re spending lots of time doing that, it will set you up for success 😎👍🏻

  • You wouldn't believe how long it took me to get some clean holes in the 'machine room';)

    Still not sure about the shape of it though...

    It either needs to be more 'square-ish', or the landing gear needs to be more round.

    If I decide to keep the shape more or less as it is now, it will definitely have to get some more detailing.

    I'll have to sleep on that;)

  • Didn't have an internet connection for a few days, But did make some progress. Thursday I decided to get settled on the shape, otherwise I'll never finish in time;)

    Designed the 'engine room'. (This is something I have never done before, only ever modelled after some reference...)

    Then on Friday I made the tail and started on the head. That didn't go well at all: the cockpit/cabin/head took me two and a half days!

    Still not perfect, but it'll have to do (at least for now).

    This morning I spend on making my internet work again and now I'll have to make the legs. Hope I'll get them finished by tonight, but no guarantee...

    So, one more coffee, catching up on the Forum and then off to making some sexy legs (hopefully)!

  • spikeyxxx liking where you are taking this.good stuff! :)