Phillip Capon

Train30's PolyBook

I am going to start a polybook since I haven't been getting too many finished images together recently and I could use some motivation. 

My interest is photo realistic nature. I am civil engineer and mostly design stream restorations so I like anything out in the woods especially with water. I working Blender, but am learning Unity to do some visualizations of my work projects.

  • Here's my current project. I think I am about finished with working on it. Just a few more hours of tweaking and adding some variation to the trees and cliff face. 

    Any advice on how to add procedural variation to the bark texture?

  • Added some ivy and rearranged stuff this morning. I am work on covering abit ground towards the edges of render, and then improve the tree textures and roots. 

    I hope submit this for the critique on Tuesday

  • Phragmites reeds for my next nature scene, which will be down by a river floodplain.

  • train30 Hi and welcome!  I see a future environment artist in you.  Admittedly, I'm focusing on character designs, but I'll offer critiques where I can.  Looking forward to your journey!

  • silentheart00 Environment artist is definitely my goal. I appreciate any critiques you have. I need another artist's input on my work. Thanks!

  • Oh I love nature, I look forward to future updates. This looks really good!

  • It's been way too long since I posted here. I was busy following the 30 Days of Modeling thread in June and now have a thread for the Vehicle Challenge this month. But I wanted to work on a small quick project to make something pretty. This is going to a be a small overgrown Rain Garden/Landscape Bed/Wetland. Any thoughts or criticisms, especially on the composition and lighting angle would be welcomed.  I have the scene framed quite the way I want it.