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Hey everyone!  I've signed up to CGCookie roughly the same time I started Blender, which was about ten days ago (we'll say May 8th, 2019 for the sake of documentation).  Seems like a magical time where everyone is using Blender 2.8 Beta and are biting their nails to stubs waiting for 2.8 Stable.

I've been drawing since I was three, always wanting to get into animation since I was twelve and animating stick figures on post-it notepads shooting each other in the face with cannons.  I admit, I was a bit of a demented kid.  Anyways I've recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia which is kind of a game-changer and I can't work for the time being.  So instead of wasting my time watching TV and sleeping I'm taking this opportunity to learn skills on CGCookie and other tutorials floating around.  My goal is to be employable in the 3D field within the next two to five years so expect to see me from time to time for the next little while.

From what I've read up on in the forum, from testimonials, and from other articles on this site it's best not to dip a toe in but to dive in head first so that's what I'm going to do.  Oh, and I'm no stranger to critiquing so don't be afraid to hurt my delicate feelings if it leads to a better end result.  On with the show!

  • I looked at a previous livestream (BC1-1808) since it works with Blender 2.8 and I don't want to get comfortable with 2.79 only to have to re-orientate myself with 2.8 when the stable release is finally out.  The first project was to make a scene entirely out of primitives.  I opted for an 8-piece drum kit.  

    Still new to everything, even camera placement and lighting (which could definitely use some refinement) but the project was modelling-focused so that's what I focused on.  I also uploaded it on SketchFab, you can check it out there if you like.

  • First of all. welcome!

    I think you are right to start with 2.80, because it is quite stable already and it might even teach you to save often;)

    This looks amazing, even if I forget, that you've only started using Blender10 days ago!

    You said that you've been drawing for a long time, but do you have any 3D experience before Blender? (I guess not, because you probably would have mentioned it, I think...)

    Anyway, happy learning, I 'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

    As for animation, CGCookie has a fantastic teacher, Wayne Dixon, so your in the right place (I didn't mean that the other CGCookie teachers aren't great, of course).

    (It would surprise me if you would need two years to become employable..)

  • spikeyxxx I did take a course in Graphic Design which taught 3D Studio Max for three weeks.  But that was 17 years ago and I haven't touched it since.  So, yeah, I'm pretty much starting from scratch.

  • straocastus Wow, that's fantastic! Glad to have you on board!

  • *Reads Topic*

    Oh, he's a beginner.

    *Scrolls down, expecting to see donuts and anvils*

    *Gets his mind blown*

    He can't possibly be a beginner...

    Welcome to CG Cookie!

  • williamatics Lol!  Actually I just looked at some of the submissions others uploaded for this project and had to compete.  Now that I think about it, maybe some of the artists had more experience at the time...

  • straocastus totally awesome use of primitives!! Welcome to the Cookie 😊

    Oh and you're right btw, there were some advanced users in the class, helping beginners and inspiring us 😉 

  • smurfmier1985 Hey, thanks a lot!  Yeah, I'm looking at windmills and chess boards.  All sorts of stuff thinking, "Wow, the bar is set awfully high!  Here's my project with it's 891 objects in it!"  Oh well, it was fun.

  • straocastus That is the single most ambitious "primitive scene" I think I've seen posted here yet!  Amazing work...welcome to CG Cookie!

  • jjakeblended Thanks, dude.  Now I just have to take that momentum with me through to my next project.

  • straocastus Hi, and welcome to the community!  Impressive results so far.  Definitely keeping an eye on you 👀

    Edit:  Looking at your model on Sketchfab, and the default lighting is blowing out the details.  Don't worry, this is a common problem with Sketchfab.  Luckily, you can adjust it under 3D Settings->Lightbulb->Environment and you can fiddle with the Brightness and Intensity to get less blown out lights.

  • silentheart00 Hey, thanks for the Sketchfab tip.  I fixed up the brightness issue so it isn't so overpowering.

    But yeah, 20 hours of tutorials later I've come to the realization that 3D modelling is a lot more than just manipulating primatives.  I was hoping to release work a little more consistently but you gotta learn how to walk before you can run, as they say.

  • straocastus No problem.  Pace yourself so you don't burn out.  You got this.