Is there such a thing as a Math plugin for Blender or another 3D program

Do you know of a software or plugin to solve this problem? I have a 3D sculpt of a figure made out of digital clay. It doesn't have a texture map (so I can't unwrap it and get flat "gift wrap", although this is exactly what I need.) I'm trying to find the length of lines on the actual figure, so for example the circumference of the head. It's just calculus, right, so theoretically it would be easy to find?  Has someone made such a "math" plugin for these types of sculpting programs, where I just trace a line and it gives me the length? Or is there an easier way to solve this problem?

  • Blender has a measure tool, but it only lets you draw straight lines. I also (speaking personally) find it really fiddly and annoying.

    In Blender 2.8, one of the overlays you can display is the length of an edge (find it in the overlays menu). This would display the length of each edge you have selected in edit mode in edge select. It's in Blender 2.79 too, in the n-panel (if memory serves). Again though, you are talking about straight  lines, and you have to add them up yourself.

    If you were looking for something like a circumference, you would really need to draw a curve. I think you would have to use scripting. If you drew your curve (maybe using surface snapping) so that it was the circumference you wanted, you can then use['BezierCircle'].splines[0].calc_length() in the terminal to get the length of that curve (or, to be more specific, the first (and presumably only) spline in that curve object). Obviously change BezierCircle if your object has a different name.

    Hope that helps.

  • @lewis2e YES!  Ok, this is totally what I want.  

    There's no way to wrap the entire figure with a texture map  and then un-wrap it so it's flat, is there? Like, in the picture below, all the lines are technically straight, but only when it's a sphere. 

    You're a lifesaver.  Now to learn terminal.  :)

  • bbymightywaterways Good to hear.

    Erm... I'm not sure that I completely understand what you are asking re: the UV unwrap. I might need some more detail there.

    You can unwrap your model in a number of ways, it's just about where you put the seams. Placing the seams correctly so that you unwrap your 3D model to a nice, consistent 2D shape is the aim of the game for UV unwrapping... and is kind of a skill in itself.

  • sstatus451_cg Sorry, I know just enough Blender to know that I will never ever learn all that it can do.  :)  Ok, I will try to tackle it from the python/math angle.  You guys have been a great help.