Keiths Polybook

Hi there!  

I figured I'm gonna also jump on the polybook train and post some pics of what I'm currently working on. I'm not sure why, but I've had a weird hangup about posting WIP shots before so I'm facing that head on ! :-)

  • I wanted to get back to some hard surface as I've been concentrating on characters lately and in my mind I've planned a motorbike of some sorts for a while. Also, it seems to be a good time to transition to 2.8 so I'm gonna work as much as I can in there.

    I didn't want something too complicated as my last attempt at a motorbike wasn't that successful really so I've decided on one of those old school bikes, a Triumph Tiger Cub. Luckily for me (not so much for my wife :-) ) there was a classic car and bike show not far from where we live. They had a tiger cub which I was able to take some good reference shots of. 

    I've just started with a basic block out for now, hopefully I can get a bit more done this weekend! 

  • beefkeef Nice! I'll be following  your progress Keith :)

  • smurfmier1985  That's great to hear! It might be a bit slow going though, I'm not the fastest :-) 

    Here's a bit of progress today, I figured the front wheel was a good starting point and I should be able to get the rear for free, or at least some of it I hope (it looks like the brake drum is on the opposite side in reference pics). I found using the array modifier was pretty useful here as I've only had to model a few spokes and a small part of the rim. I'm not quite sure if my spokes are 100% how they are in real life, but I've decided to go down the plausible road with this project. I'm thinking the engine might be one area where I need to use some artistic license as it looks pretty intricate, but for now I'm avoiding it :-)

    I tweaked the frame a little bit, I've just been using some beveled curves so I can adjust these as needed and the tyres are just place holders for now. I'm not sure if I can make the treads as a texture or if it's better to model them, I'll cross that bridge later on.

  • beefkeef Hi, and welcome to the community!  I understand not wanting to post WIPs because projects can be quite personal since it's something you made and take a bit of pride in, but I always come back to the question of how does one improve if one never shows their work?  Good for you for taking that first step in getting feedback.

    As for your motorcycle, it looks pretty good so far.  Keep it up!

  • silentheart00 Keith won the cgc challenge so I'm guessing he's not entirely new here ... ;) he has a cool new profile pic though :)

  • smurfmier1985 Well, he's certainly new to me!  Congrats, Keith!

  • silentheart00 Thanks for the welcome Silentheart! As Miranda mentioned I have been hanging around here for a while but never really ventured onto the forums too much, so it's nice to meet you too! :-)

    You're absolutely right! Getting feedback is really great, good or bad because it helps one grow as an artist and I'm always grateful if somebody has gone out of their way to make some constructive feedback for any of my previous work. I guess maybe because my WIPs are pretty rough I felt a bit weird about putting them out there! And maybe there's a bit of fear too, of not finishing something I started because that never feels good, right?

    Only time for a little bit of progress today, I used part of the tyres to make some mudguards with a solidify modifier and tried to keep the edge flow correct to allow me to extrude some details that I might need later. I might need to shape the seat a bit more, but at least something is there to sit on, and it's slowly starting to look a bit more like a bike now!

  • A little more progress today, the day job just gets in the way sometimes!  :-) 

     I've added a few more basic shapes here and there, not too much detail on those parts just yet. 

    I wasn't sure about modelling the tread on the tyres or using a texture somehow, but after thinking about it I decided on the former - I found out that these bikes tend to have a more nobbly tyre at the back and the texture just wouldn't work I reckon. Seems I didn't get the rear for free after all !!  :-)

    I've been suffering with a few crashes in 2.8 just when I'm panning the view around, of course always when I haven't saved in a while. I did install some new video card drivers and grabbed the latest version of 2.8 too -  no more crashes so far which is good.

    Headlight and engine are going to be tricky, so I'm still avoiding these parts for now! 

  • It's not good news here! 

    The crashes on my PC have come back with a vengeance and currently I'm not able to do anything except browse the web or watch videos on my machine. Working in Blender or trying to kill a few people in Hitman is just totally out of the question!

    It looks like I finally need to upgrade my PC, which is pretty overdue as it's getting pretty old now. I've done a fair amount of troubleshooting and it appears to be a problem with the GPU. I planned an upgrade this year anyway, but not until later in the year as I have other commitments right now.

    So in the meantime I'll just have to put my 3D modeling on hold for a few months and come back to finish this project when I've got a (hopefully) shiny new system sorted.

  • 😢

  • beefkeef Sorry to hear about such frustrating troubles!  Good luck!