Jimmy Flynn

ThreeTwoBravo Polybook

Hey ya CGC crew,

Been lurking for a few days and really like the site and the community vibe around here so think I'll stick around for a while;). Thought I'd post my first model and render since picking up Blender and do the whole introduction thing.

I'm from New Zealand, a Dad of one amazing daughter, ex-Soldier(hit me up about weapons if ya want), practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and archery but above all, I'm a creative. I have a side hustle as a graphic designer that's slowly gaining traction. I've always loved 3D and pretty much dabbled in all of them but blender seems to fit the best. I finding it very intuitive. I'm using 2.8 with Vaughan Ling's aka Heavypoly custom config. The model below is from one of Heavypoly's tutorials. It originally had the Kikkoman logo/label but I changed it for a friend who has a good Jiu-Jitsu page on Instagram, "Ashi Garami" is the Japanese name for leg locks, something my friend teaches.