Is there a course for a strategy game?

Hey ,

can somebody tell if there is a course or something for RTS-assets?
I searched the "archive" on youtube and the GameDev tab but couldn't find anything.



  • crew

    No we don't have for RTS or even strategy games. The closest thing we have to do that is the tower defense course:  with this being the entire flow: 

    RTS games are not something I typically play so I'd have to get familiar with common mechanics in those games before tackling a course on the subject. Any games in particular you're looking to replicate? 

  • jgonzalez I think that's an awesome idea. I would like to see maybe something like Age of Empires 2 or 3, any ANNO game from Ubisoft, or Stronghold 2.

  • crew

    ttomaslapes Only RTS game I've played is Civilization, definitely a fun game. Will have to try out AoE. I might start experimenting with very simplistic RTS mechanics, I know those games tend to be quite complex and deep. 

  • I've played Age of Empires III.  It's good.

  • In my opinion something like Command & Conquer would be interesting. It has a simple base building system and some teching that is not to complex.
    A little "special" I'd like to add to the concept of that game would be units in squads instead of those one guy = one unit system. And I'd like to see these squads in melee instead of ranged combat. I think that would be really interesting for a lot of people.

  • jgonzalez  ttobles If you won't mind that it is in UE4 I found this nice tutorial series on Youtube which shows how to create a Tropico style game.

  • ttomaslapes Thanks for this suggestion, it's really nice that you put some effort in this and searched a tutorial but this is not what I am looking for. A big bullet point for me is the combat system with squads and squad mechanics in general like how to set up a collusion avoidance for environmental things like trees and rocks etc.

  • crew

    ttobles I think you're looking into different types of pathfinding, which is a core concept of RTS games. Pathfinding in general can be a complex subject, something that could probably be made into it's own course. Things like local avoidance, and navigating with crowds. The built in nav mesh system in Unity is OK at this, but I'd definitely look into using something like A* Pathfinding, although it's been a while since I've last used it. I believe it's still one of the best assets available for more in-depth pathfinding outside of creating your own custom system.