Rigging clothes to a sculpted base mesh

So as my topic suggest, I am having issues with rigging clothes to my human model. Note that I am very new to blender and am still trying to get the hang of it. Basically I already have the shirt, pants, and gloves sculpted/retopologized. I have even weight painted the main body to the best of my abilities while also parenting the clothes to it. However, when I move my rig I have this issue of the clothes either not moving with the body at all or lagging behind. I figure the issue is with the weight painting, but I'm just guessing. So my question there a better way to get the clothes to move more smoothly with the body or am I just doing it wrong entirely? (I have blender 2.79) 

P.S. I if there is a tutorial on rigging clothes to a body that I am not finding here, can someone let me know. Thanks.