William Miller

Prismarine Alley

I am creating a scene that I intent to have a damp, misty feeling.  The ground is dirt, and the walls are supposed to look like the dark prismarine block from Minecraft.

Mistakes were made:

Here is the real image (the one I want you to critique):

I already know about the repeating ground texture and the empty background.

  • The dirt seems like it would need to be darker if you are going to have it be a damp setting. You can have the barrels sink into the ground a bit. I'm sure you know that you want to have fog in there for the misty feeling. Maybe you could have there be a figure that looks like it is made out of fog at the beginning of the fog. You can have a glow coming out of the cracks in the barrels. 

    These are just ideas use at your own risk...

  • cgcookiedough Thank you for the advice!  I was already planning to add fog, but I like your idea for a figure in it.  I will also sink the barrels into the ground.

  • What is the attribute for smoke density?  I tried "Density" and "Smoke", but neither worked.

  • How should I create realistic dust buildup on the walls?