Looking for free blueprints source

Hello there.

I'm back to learning after a few weeks off of Blender.

I'm currently following the modelling a gun lesson, and I decided that for each learning flow I would go through from now on, I will, once completed, try to use what I learned to make my own model. 

In that regard, I'm currently looking for a good source for free nice blueprints of good size that I could use. 

Any suggestions? 


  • Hello otowa, nice to hear that you're back.

    I do not work from blueprints very often, so I can't compare, but at: https://www.the-blueprints.com/   they have a lot of different ones.

    You'll have to register, but most of the blueprints are for free ( apart from the Vector Drawings)

    Maybe someone else knows more/better sites?

  • spikeyxxx Thank you it's a very nice source! 

    I hope to also find some of this quality with more "imaginary" objects (laser guns, spaceships).

    Thank you again!