Kornei Sgibnev

Old projects made in 2.79b or older with the new 2.8 UI

Hello everyone! Is it possible to view the old projects made in previous versions of blender (2.79b or older) with  the ui of blender 2.8? So when I open my old projects in blender 2.8 it appears with the old ui (changes the position of tools etc), but I prefer to view it with the new ui which I like more 😅 so...is it possible?

  • korneisgibnev098

    First off remember if you save your file in 2.8, you will not be able to open it again

    In 2.79.  So save an extra copy. 

    In 2.8 under "User Preferences/File" there is a box to check Load UI. You can uncheck that.

    If you want to or don't want to load UIs in the future, before you open the

    file you are looking at, don't press enter until you look to the left side panel, there you can

    check/uncheck Load UI.

  • charmn-one Thank you very much!