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Hi. I decided to also create a Polybook where I post the models I'm working on to keep track of my progress and to maybe get some feedback. I'm usually very picky when it comes to sharing the stuff I make and rarely satisfied with whatever I make so a second opinion could really help me. Also I hope posting WIPs here somewhat motivates me.

  • Welcome to the club!  Looking forward to what you can do!

  • Asking feedback is always a good idea and a great way to improve so it's awesome you started a polybook Julian! Looking forward to your WIPs 😊👍🏻

  • 2017

    So, let's start with the things I've done in the past. At the end of 2017 I started modeling and created some very basic models:

    A simple pyramid to practice the Blender tools

    A LP chessboard

    A lamp made for a simple animation

    My first attempt at making a scene based on an image (never finished)

  • 2018:

    After a Blender break I decided to get back to it and started to take it a bit more seriously. I watched a lot of tutorials here on CG Cookie to refresh and improve the fundamentals. The course that helped me the most was the Mesh Modeling Bootcamp

  • April 2018:

    I watched a tutorial how to make a low-poly combat knife for a video game in Maya + SP and tried to apply the workflow to Blender. It was a lot of work but I got some decent result. Since then I somehow love to make knifes, don't ask me why. :D

  • May 2018:

    A Karambit knife:

  • June 2018:

    I made a high-poly bathroom. Finished modeling but never textured it:

  • July 2018:

    I finished the Desert Eagle I started modeling in May. It was for the First-Person-Weapon Exercice(s): https://cgcookie.com/exercise_submissions/15594 . I honestly don't like the texturing and also the model looks too thin to me. It took a lot of time though.

  • August 2018:

    Another knife:

    I also made some models for the Blender 2.8 Class from Kent. 

    A robot called "Claptrap" from the game Borderlands. Although I never played it I really liked the design and tried to recreate him. I never really textured him though.

    I also started to create a scene from one of my favorite video games but never finished it. 

  • September 2018:

    In September I tried some sculpting. I also bought a book and learned some Anatomy for 1 or 2 weeks straight but in the end it wasn't as much fun as modeling for me or I simply didn't have the motivation to continue practicing. Nevertheless I didn't sculpt very much afterwards...

    (never finished this poor guy)

  • 2019:

    After another Blender break where I didn't model very much I got back to it in March by following the Modeling Weapons for a First Person Shooter again. This time I made the gun from the course.

  • Sci-Fi Environment:

    I started following the Sci-Fi Environment course which already taught me a lot of things like how to use the Grease Pencil to create a sketch and an animation. This is how far I've come:

    I looked at a ton of reference images to get something interesting but to me it looks pretty boring and empty and I'm a bit clueless where and what I should add so I paused the work on it. If you have any ideas or feedback, please let me know. 

  • UE4 Living room:

    I learned a few Unreal Engine 4 Basics and created some props to make a living room. Sadly also far from finished. 

  • Survival Knife:

    Well... another knife :D This time not from a single image though but from multiple Flip knifes being mixed together to get a simple, unique result. 

    Out of curiosity I downloaded the trial version of Marmoset Toolbag 3 and was stunned by how easy it was to get a good looking image. I instantly got some motivation I've lost in the last months back and spent a few hours to texture it in Substance. Overall the project I'm the happiest with so far. :)

  • Flashlight:

    A small game-asset I made within 2 days to get better at texturing and the workflow itself. For the patterns I also used the little bit of  knowledge of Substance Designer I have. UV-Unwrapping probably took the most time. 

    My current plan is to make more game-assets since I simply enjoy making these the most. Another goal for the future is to get myself more familiar with game environments and engines. 

  • bbsdwerbeagentur Lots of cool stuff. Good luck in your future projects. I'll be keeping an eye on the thread :)

  • bbsdwerbeagentur You have really strong hard surface skills, so I'd lean into that (I'm actually envious).  We all have our niche, so don't worry about not being able to create organic characters.  Organic characters are hard.  Hard surface is actually difficult for me because it's less interesting and rewarding for me than sculpting organic characters, but we need people to make really cool and interesting weapons and environments, so you keep rockin' it.

  • bbsdwerbeagentur Awesome progression posts Julian, cool that you posted that :)

    I still like your robot, and I love your weapons & game assets! And if that's what you love to make by all means go for it, doing something your passionate about always gives the best results and it shows in your work, those are your best stuff.

    As for the sci-fi door, for this size it's just lacking a bit of detail on some of the bigger areas imo. Lampels example was quite busy with many details, your detailed areas are a bit toned down and I actually like that a lot. You have some good detail amount with the cables and bit below the computer being a bit busier small details, and the top of the door and rim around the door some broader details. Aim for kinda that mix and amount of detail in the arena around the computer screen and on the door panels itself, so it's more balanced. I like the assumetry on the side she of the doors btw! Nice touch. Those are just my 2 cents on it, feel free to ignore me if you don't agree ;)

    Keep up the good work!! Looking forward to your future work :-D

  • drgnclw thanks! :)

  • silentheart00 Thank you silent! Yeah, in the past I often struggled with what I want to focus on. When I see great characters here or on Artstation I'm often thinking "Damn, some day I'm going to learn how to make that too". But if I actually start trying I'm getting frustrated and pressured so fast because it just looks awful and it doesn't feel satisfying. I started to follow a sculpting course so often but never could motivate me to actually complete it. Sculpting feels like at least as hard as learning topology and modeling if not even harder for me. I guess if you want to improve as an artist the best way is to make compromises and focus on a niche, as you say. At least switching subjects every 2 weeks because I just wanted to learn too much destroyed a lot of my motivation in the past.