William Miller

Is Everybody Using 2.8 Already?

Is anybody still using 2.79, or am I strange?  I'm the kind of person who is doesn't use experimental versions of software for fear of bugs/crashes.  I'll wait until the official, stable release of Blender 2.8 is ready.  Does anybody else do that?

  • Personally, I am using both. For tutorials and exercises I'm still using 2.79 (unless the tutorial is for 2.8), just because it's easier to follow along. Also for any major projects I tend to stick with 2.79. But for doing simple modeling or just practicing in general, I'm trying to get used to 2.8. I think it's a good idea to play around with it now, then the transition will be smoother once the official release is out.

  • pretty much moved to 2.8. however, should I need to do some production work on past projects if they need something still, i'd propably use 2.79 since all the files on those are from that era, and converting them to 2.8 could be time consuming.

    though 2.8 is really close, so all the new stuff i'm working, i'm using it, to get more used to it and also relearn my spine to do things differently than i did in 2.79.

    also bugs and crashes, you are right about them, however the current beta is really stable (using hardops,boxcutter,decalmachine).  though, save often is good habit to have anyway, and save different versions on your projects incase the file gets corrupted for what ever reasons.
    if anything on its current state, i find the subdivision modifier laggin the viewport alot, and i have a beefy comp and don't have that problem in 2.79. though in my case i don't use it that much, so its not buggin me that much currently.

    happy blendering. :)

  • I don't think it's strange to stick 2.79 until the 2.80 official release.

    I am using 2.80 for almost everything, except if I need something that isn't working yet in 2.80 (which is becoming quite rare).

    That being said, I do think it's a good idea to play around in 2.80 a bit in your spare time and get to know it.

  • I wanted to wait for a more stable release, so I skipped the alpha releases. but the beta is stable enough for me. The only thing I use 2.79 now for is animation, mostly because Wayne's Animation Bootcamp was made in 2.79, so I feel more comfortable using it. Also I don't make big, important projects, so if something goes wrong it honestly doesn't bother me that much. But other than that I love using 2.8 now and I can't wait for the final release.

  • Used it already for a short-time production with EEVEE for a stage show. Stability was good enough, though 2 or 3 crashes during production. But if you save regularly it's no problem at all.

    For the VSE I still stick with 2.79b, because I have still more confidence into the fast paced work flow and stability.

    Started sculpting with 2.80 to get used to it for the future, some things are different (for example background images in 2.79 and 2.80, use of tablet and so on). Modeling feels like no big differences between 2.79 and 2.80.

    I like the tabs for changing different working areas with their specific settings, it helps a lot. And start to miss some new features in 2.79. With the announcement of the release in the near future it does not really make sense to me not to use 2.80.

    But could be different in a tough production pipeline. If you want to be on the safe side you better wait for the first bug release after 2.80 (2.80a, 2.80b) or better for the 2.81.

  • Personally I'm using Blender 2.8 for almost everything, only old tutorials that I go back to 2.79, It's also worth mentioning that there's already a release date planned (July), they've announced it on blender today!

    https://code.blender.org/2019/04/2-80-release-plan/  (The release plan)

    For the lazy:

    • Mid May: finish remaining features and polish user interface (list of tasks on developer.blender.org). These are relatively simple changes to the design, or additions to really complete the new functionality.
    • First week of June: developers focuses on updating user manual in their areas of expertise.
    • Mid June: fix all high priority bugs. Other bugs may be fixed as well, but bugs marked as high priority are the ones that we consider to block the final release.
    • July: 2.80 release