Shortcut Keys - am I missing something?

Hi, still new to Blender and finding that I am having to learn a lot of shortcut keys.

For example Ctrl - Shift - R to offset an  edge or Alt - shift - S to scale To Sphere

Do I need to learn all these keys or are there menu or tool options somewhere?

thank you

  • I believe they are in a menu somewhere where you can access them.  If you keep using the shortcut keys, you will memorize the ones you use most without even trying.  For the ones that you rarely use and don't know the shortcuts for, try pressing the spacebar.  It will be a huge help.

  • williamatics thank you. Currently the spacebar starts the animation. Just looked it up and can change it in 2.8.

    I wondered how people use Blender. So I guess its the shortcut route rather than looking or searching for menu items/tool icons

    thanks again

  • iimparare Sorry, I didn't know you were using Blender 2.8.  I'm still on 2.79.

  • Hi imparare,

    You do not need to learn all the shortcuts. But they are a lot faster. You can use the toolbar and F3 opens the search menu. Also the Header contains some dropdown menus. If you use something a lot you'll probably start using the hotkey for that operation and that way you'll automatically learn more and more hotkeys.

    I have been using Blender for about five years now and I've never used the two shortcuts you mention as an example...

    In 2.80 there is also the 'Quick Favorites': you can add operations that you use a lot to it, by right clicking on the command and 'Add to Quick Favorites' then you can access that operation by pressing q.

    Anyway do not start with trying to learn all the hotkeys, that will come with time. Even experienced users like Pablo Vazquez do not know all the shortcuts.

  • spikeyxxx  thank you

    I set up a quick menu (great btw) although I have not worked out how to make sure its still there on close/reopen of blender.

    I am more-or-less brand new to blender but use the shortcuts already. I was adding two loop cuts to two edges and it turns out the best way is to offset from a centre loop cut. The second shortcut was to create a hole so I selected the verts used the shortcut and then subdivided.

    I am working through the basics course on here but went off piste for a while 

    thanks again

  • iimparare To keep the quick favorites go to:  Edit > Preferences > Save Preferences

    And to be clear, I just mentioned that I have never used those shortcuts, not to say that they are not handy, or that you should not use them;)

  • spikeyxxx 

    Thank you. I would imagine I am currently doing all sorts of things wrong but that is to be expected.

    What is interesting is that all of the tutorials I watch, on here and elsewhere, its all about shortcuts. Very rarely does the instructor say Ctrl-R and here is the menu option as well as the shortcut. In all other software I used it is commonplace to show the menu route as well as the shortcut.

    Should be an interesting journey as I fall asleep at night reciting Ctrl + or Alt G etc.

    thanks again