Rogelio Guzman

Help with Particles to create ground dirt soil simulation

I am trying to create a close up animation of ground dirt soil being cut through with a blade wheel and having the dirt turn over and then fill back into the cut from the blade. 

Need suggestions on how to do this

Need to make 2 the simulation to mimic loose soil and the other to mimic dried dirt.

  • This sounds like a job for Dynamic Paint.

    But if you want a real close up with particles, I'd suggest to check out Moby Motion. For instance:

    He uses an addon that is not (yet?) working with 2.80, but you'll get an idea of how to do it and maybe you can even do it without the addon..

  • Alternatively make a Rigid Body simulation, I do not know if or how this could be done with Blender's native Particle System, but my guess is that,even  if it's possible, you'll spend a very long time tweaking settings and end up with a not realistic looking result.

  • spikeyxxx 

    Thanks for your response.

    I tried the molecular addon but could not get it to work with non-spherical shapes. When I change the particle to use object and assign the dirt shaped objects there was always a gap in the shape of a sphere not allowing the non-spherical objects to touch.

    I could not find any documentation on how to get this to work. And all the videos and tutorials always have spheres as objects, leading me to believe it only works with spheres. 

    Do you know if there is a way to use non-spherical objects?

    Greatly appreciate your help.

  • gguzman10 Yeah, that was what I was afraid of. I guess the Rigid Body solution will give the best result. Don't forget to change the Collision shape from Convex Hull to Mesh. Try to get one object to behave as you want and then copy the Rigid Body 'from Active to all dirt objects that are supposed to move.

    I hope this helps.