Øyvind Høyland

So, I might be given my first paid freelance job soon...

...and I'm a bit more nervous than I want to admit. I do think I'll be able to pull it off, but since this is my first time I really want some material to prepare my self with, so that I might face the task more confidently and do as good a job as possible.

The task is to apply texture and materials to 3D models (already made in AutoCAD or a similar program by a different company) then make a photo-realistic turntable render to show off the product. The 3D models in question are different kinds of air conditioners that I import to Blender.

I am very familiar with animations, but insecure about photo-realism - I haven't tried it that much. So I'm wondering if anyone can point me to the best tutorials for realistic shading, texturing and good renders? I'll also gladly take any tips you might have for me about photo-realism or anything else about doing a task like this.

Thanks in advance! :)