Wes Burke

What are you working on this week?

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to another week, and may the ☕️be well. I've been slack'n asking this question, but something that is asked each and every week internally here at CGC. "What are you working on this week?" 


Sitting down at the beginning of the week, writing out your goals and tasks helps you find the mental space for them, increasing your chances of completing them. 

This week I am hosting the Welcome to CG Cookie Live stream, continuing to work with nphaskins and jonathanwilliamson on a new side project called Along with a slew of Cookie tasks. 

What are you going to be working on this week? 

  • wesburke  face and skull anatomy review  , portrait sculpt practice , and understanding likeness 

  • wesburke some good old fashioned studying a.k.a. the Mesh Modeling Bootcamp (the human head, I will be adjusting  the design so it can be the head of the game character I'm working on), and some Unity Beginner Courses. Gotta master those fundamentals, right? 😎👍🏻

    And this Sunday I'm starting a new tradition called "Animation Sunday". Not really a catchy name so I'm open for suggestions! Animation (more precisely Game Animation) is where my passion lies and what I want to become good at, so from now on I want to divote time to it at least once a week. I've missed it, been too focused on learning modeling for games and such for the game level I'm working on as a personal project. And the biggest reason I started that project is to bring the game animation I'm practicing to life in an actual game. Time to better organize priorities!

    Also, there's supposed to be this livestream on Thursday that's streaming at a time I can make after work, sooo... I'll be watching! 😉

  • Ah, geez, who knows.  I'm off the rails at this point lol.

    I'm hoping to wrap up my 2D project this week and finish up the full body anatomy sculpt for my valkyrie project.  This time change is throwing me off.

    No, I didn't deviate from my 2019 goals at all....

  • Still working on my character... I had some trouble with uv unwrapping a certain piece of armor so I'll be replacing it tomorrow. It's a small change so if everything goes alright, I'll start texturing the next day.

  • crew

    silentheart00 Agreed, it's funny how changing the time by one hour has thrown me off my game. My kids are also out of sorts. 

    smurfmier1985 - Love the idea of Animation Sundays, just as long as eating Sundays also happens on this Sunday we're good. ;) If you guys haven't read, I'd highly recommend listening/reading Company Of One book. I just finished it, and apply some of it to hopefully reduce the complexity of the day. 

    Have a kick arse week! 

  • wesburke Of course, eating Sundays is a must!! Just looked it up, sounds like an interesting book. I'll put it on my "to read" list 😊

    You have an awesome week too! and see ya Thursday 😉

  • I'm doing a 3D model of my College's tech fest mascot, its my first time modelling things other than swords and guns. Everytime i look at it, I think of beginning that Character Modelling course lol, I will, but after a week or two.

  • crew

    ffirebreath1001 Fun project, you may also enjoy taking the course to see some of Kent's modeling workflows for hard surface. Happy Blending and looking forward to seeing how it comes out! 

  • wesburke Thanks! Will definitely check it out!

  • One of the things I struggle most with when it comes to personal projects is actually finishing them, so I've picked up a model I started on a long time ago and decided to take it all the way and actually finish it - setting a deadline by sunday. His proportions are ending up more realistic than the cartoony drawing, which annoys me, but he just looks ugly when I try to make him more cartoony - you know, bigger head, skinnier limbs.

    Also, I am wondering if I should simply delete the parts of his body which are beneath the clothes, as they won't be visible in the end anyway. And then rather connect his neck and hands to his jacket. What do people usually do?

  • Currently I am working onto a female character and I also am working on dougie trough I still am struggling but I guess in the end it might work out. Practicing is the best way to learn :D

  • I want to make another asset, the sink so I can call the bathroom done, for my game, but my time is veeeery limited atm x_x

  • Retopologizing this chicken for an upcoming animation.  Fingers crossed...