John Dixon

Eye lenses for Eevee

Hello all,

     The other day I made an eye for Cycles and it turned out well enough. A few days ago I got 2.8 and rendered the same eye in eevee (the results below). Can anyone tell me how to fix this milky/glassy eye lense problem.  I'm certain it has to do with the presence of a glass shader in my node network. I've went through and enabled screen space reflections and the refraction setting, but still nothing. Thanks in advance!

  • Hello John. The eye looks great. First of all reflections are not EEVEE's strongest feature. Now to fix the milky lense problem, that is an easy fix: use a different HDRI. The fog in this 'misty pines' reflects in the eye lense, so it looks milky. In Cycles the reflections are more accurate and you don't notice that.

  • spikeyxxx Hey thank you! You're right, misty pines made the milkiness. But when I add a different HDRI I still get the lack of an iris. I guess what I want is to be able to see the iris rather than a glassy lense. Maybe should have been more clear, sorry D:

    Here is the new render with a new HDRI

  • Yeah, I struggle with Eevee as well. You need to have every Setting right and it is not obvious were they are and what combination works. I've managed to get it working and attached a Screenshot with the Settings. That is easier than trying to explain it;)

    Of course this is not a nice looking eye, but just quickly made for testing.

  • spikeyxxx Better than nothing and it means a lot to get your help! I'll go ahead and test this later today and let you know the results. Thanks once again! :)

  • spikeyxxx Hey man, thanks a ton! It worked :) 

  • Awesome eye!

    And thanks spikeyxxx - I was having the same problem myself but just assumed Eevee wasn't ready for that yet...

  • Now THAT' s an eye.

    Glad I could be of help.

    (And you're welcome too, lordgert.)