Huion pro 13 - can´t bind shift to button on tablet

Hey there,  I bought myself the 


pro 13 and I am fairly happy with it.  Normally I use the tablet in combination with the keyboard from my PC.  But now I am traveling now and just have the laptop, where I feel uncomfortable with the keyboard. So I wanted to change the primary used buttons to the tablet.

 I could bind for example the alt-button and use it with the combination from my pen as middle mouse button very well. The shift-button instead don't work, so I can't move well in the viewport.  I also downloaded the latest updates etc. do you have the same problems or have some tips to fix it? Big thanks in advance  Snow 

  • ive got the Huion 610 Pro, using the Express Key Settings on the software and bind a button to keyboard keys, selecting 'none' for the key and popping the checkbox for 'shift'

    not sure if yours is the same or not from a software perspective.  but hopefully get the ball rolling :)

    hope you get a workaround or fix for it..

  • oboshape Thank you for the reply. Sadly i have a slight different view. But the options are the same. I choose the same options as you but its not working.