Markus Berg

When you know you've been modeling too long!

On my way to work, there is this building that's been bugging me for a while now. The building has been there for years, but it wasn't until I recently decided to make 3d modeling more than just a fun hobby and joined CGCookie that I actually noticed it. At the top of the building, there is this "flat cube" like structure, but it looks like it's still in "edit mode", and the workers/artists forgot about it before finishing up the construction/render. Every time I see it I just want to hit that Tab key and perhaps also smooth out that boolean operation in the middle. This is not about which way looks "better" as I'm neither an architect nor a designer, but rather as the title says, when things in real life makes your fingers itch to the point where you wish you could extend your "blender powers" unto the real world to effect objects.

Has anyone else ever had a feeling or experience like this?

And sorry about the image quality. It was taken with my phone with an 8x zoom factor.