Renderpeople for Blender

Hi guys,

i'm happy to share our latest update with you.

Free Posed & Rigged People are now available for Blender 2.79 as well!

You can download our free samples here:

All scans have the new principal shader based on the new version 2.79.

At the moment it's a beta test so please give us feedback about what do you think about the shader and and the scene. Do you want the scene clean without some lights? Is the material good for your scenes?

The rigged material has a special feature! You can change the color of two fabrics of each model so you can use them more than once in your scene.

At the moment they don't have a control rig. If you know any workflow how to build fast a Control Rig for it please share it with me so we can make them better for you.

Depending on your feedback, we would love to convert our whole libary

Thank you for your help