Inspired by all of you . i decided to start a polybook..

a way to share my WIPs and Learning progress.  and to exchange ideas with you, 

my end goal for now is to start working on a pro portfolio.

  • back to work..

    i didnt touch blender last Week .. was more on the clay side lately , trying not to get too frustrated with my progress 

    so back to the face feature study , somes noses today

  • mmalhomsi Nice work.  Distinct noses. 👍

  • theluthier  did u  cancel the anatomy Stream .? i have to say that it was a pleasure to have u streaming again ( march was too long)

    i hope everything is ok .

  • crew

    mmalhomsi Yes I cancelled the second ecorche stream. After thinking about Tuesday, I decided my approach was not ideal. I'll reconsider how to better teach it and try again some day. And I'll try to think of another topic or two to makeup for the cancellation.

    i have to say that it was a pleasure to have u streaming again

    That's kind of you to say - thank you :)

  • theluthier  it is good to try Something diffrent .. and the skull Stream was good , really .. u r Always teaching us great thing s i personnaly owe u a lot . u may give the second Stream a chance ? 

  • theluthier  it was a nice stream, tho it looked more like we were learning together, rather than you just taught us. Maybe it's a good situation to have a workshop or something, where everyone will do their own anatomy research and help each other?

  • nekronavt a good idea !

  • crew

    nekronavt Yeah that was my intention with the stream, thinking it would be an example of teachers still needing to learn + students learning by helping me learn. But I understand now that's not best. I should only stream when I have something prepared to teach directly.

    I've been practicing anatomy since last stream, so I don't think that topic will ever need to be approached in a "let's figure this out together" format. Maybe for something else though.

  • Hey  friends

    i've been away for a while , i'm having a new  job for the summer and in my new town i m having trouble to have a good internet connection .

    in september i ll go to an art school for a year .

    hopefully u r doing good

    here some speed sculpt for a WIP ( a dwarf slayer from the Warhammer univers )

  • mmalhomsi Hi malhomsi, good luck with your new summer job and your new living situation.

    If you say 'speed sculpt', how long did this take you?

    Just curious, because something amazing looking like this would take me, and I'm just guessing here, about 90 hours, and not even getting close to your result...

    I admit that I am very slow, but still, this looks great!

    Another question, also just out of curiosity, what art school are you going to? You of course don't have to tell if you dön't want to...

  • spikeyxxx thank u for the kind words ! 

    in  this stage i limit myself to 1to 2 hours of sculpting , just to have a general idea and feeling of the character 

    and i m sure that u can achieve the same result in less than 90 hours ;)

    i m working hard this summer so i can put some money aside to go to a preparatory school of art in my home town ( a small city in France called Le mans ) 

    i went in April to this school for a clay class and i fonud that it work well for me , i came to the conclusion that i cant learn alone anymore and i had the idea to go to this school for a semester , so i can refocus at the fondation and touch another field of art ( drawing painting , clay sculpting , story board , ..) 

    i'm almost 40 years old and i want to give art a bigger place in my life .. what do u think .? 

  • He feels like he would chase me with an ax just for staring at his eyes. Looks cool. 

  • mmalhomsi 

    "[ ]i want to give art a bigger place in my life .[ ]"

    Sounds like a great idea: go for it!

  • mmalhomsi hello! Good to see you again 😊 Good luck with your summer job and art school, go for it I say! Awesome dwarf btw 😎👍🏻

  • mmalhomsi I completely understand the realization that you can only teach yourself so much in your own time, which is what led me to also go back to school.  CGC has helped for sure, but I'm ready to take the next leap.  Good luck in your endeavors!