Inspired by all of you . i decided to start a polybook..

a way to share my WIPs and Learning progress.  and to exchange ideas with you, 

my end goal for now is to start working on a pro portfolio.

  • mmalhomsi The legs may be covered, but the knee is still a key feature in that it bends, so the length should  probably be adjusted.  So, either move the knee or lengthen the lower half of the leg.

  • Yeah, I agree with Silent, Knees can be a bit higher. And looking at the concept - boots on this lady is like reealy thin, so should be the legs on the lower part, I think. But anyway, it's a great start and I'm looking forward to your progress. The previous one was amazing, I believe this one won't disappoint either.

  • trying Something different , an eye hand training ! 

    from a multiface reference , 10 min per head , 5 min of pause ! trying to get the feeling of the faces !

    a tough exercise. in 10 min u have just enough time to look 2 or 3 times to the reference , trying to go straight  to the primary shapes.

  • i m having some blockage ! i was sculpting faces for 4 days in a row .. with very bad results , making the same mistakes ,and even making new one !  

    i see all those  volumes ,forms and shapes , i understand their structures and anatomy , but i m unable shape the clay as i want !

    that s Strange …  any advices .?
  • mmalhomsi I can't give advice on the sculpting side of thing. However, I'm very familiar witch artist block (aren't we all?)

    Whenever I'm stuck with something I leave it be for a while and go do something totally different. Something fun that doesn't any expectations of being great. Do a course I haven't done yet, or create something simple just for fun. Enjoying the journey of it rather than focusing on the result. Usually after that my mind is clear and I can get back to my project and get much better results.

    Hope this helps. Good luck Malhomsi! I'm rooting for you! 👊🏻😎

  • smurfmier1985  u r of great help as Always ! i ll take u advice and try to have some fun ! thank u Miranda !

  • Sculpt portrait practice :

    2 hours sculpt. i wanted to take a break from sculpting women ! sculpting men is more easy ! 

  • mmalhomsi Maybe you should try to raise the amount of time to 30 min per sculpt, i mean you can barely do a pencil sketch in real, in 10 mins. So doing a sculpt in 10 min i dont think is such a good ideea, doing it for long time it could level-down your skill. Try to observe more or my other advice would be to do a real clay sculpt. That helps alot understand the form corectly! That's been said keep on doing what you are doing and like Miranda said "Have some fun!" doing something completely different. Gl!

  • irinel0790  thank u a lot for ur feedback ! i have actually started to do traditional clay a month ago and as u said it helps ! 

    about that 10min sculpt , it was more of an experementation than a real practice , i was trying to see how i process my sculpt , but it s not going to be  habit , as u say i usually limite the practice time to 1 or 2 hour by portrait !  it Strange enough  it is not about sculpting ,it more about awareness and consciousness.  

  • my dailly 2 hours portrait sculpt . satrted with the skull then the face above .

    a lot to improve , but i m starting to be more aware of what i m doing 

  • mmalhomsi Now we're talking! Switching to male heads for a while seems to be a good choice, you're getting back in the flow 😊 good progress!

    If you get stuck again you can switch it up by sculpting an animal or object or another piece of anatomy like the hands or feet 😎

    Keep it up! 👍🏻

  • smurfmier1985 thank u ! ur advice was helpfull , i just switched to Something else and it was the thing to do , i sculpt a mal head yesterday , and get my fingers dirty with some true clay , today i take some time to go out with a pencil and a sketch book ! drawing people around  just having fun ! thank  u again ! u r awesome

  • mmalhomsi Glad it helped you :) you're pretty awesome yourself too you know ;) have fun sketching!

  • the dailly 2 hours ( ok it was 3 hours actually…) portrait sculpt , the same workflow : skull then muscles then the skin , and some detailing !  need to improve a lot , but for 2 to 3 hours  sculpt it is ok , the goal is to establish a workflow and train my eye to the anatomic landmarks ! 

  • mmalhomsi that's looks cool, man! Want to practice facial muscles after seeing this :)

  • nekronavt thank u ! face muscles r more important to understand face expression with few exception they r very small and do not fom big volume nder the skin , face structure is mor determine by the bones , and face fat and retention ligaments ! i m still working from photos .. i really hope to find somebody how want to play the model , today i bought some mirrors so i can observe my own face ! but it is burried Under a 1 months beard ! 

    BTW do u practice spped sculpt ? 

  • mmalhomsi 

    BTW do u practice spped sculpt ?  

    I found myself watching UE4 videos on youtube for a couple of days :D But I'm back to 3d stuff now and planning to do some speed sculpts starting from today.

  • mmalhomsi It's cool to see the different stages! Good progress too 😊

  • smurfmier1985 thank u Miranda ! it is more about discipline here ! trying to introduce the dailly habite of sculpting drawing and so ..u know try to do thing the pro way ! and in the same occasion it helps to review basics ! and find a flow ! and i have to say that reading through ur polybook helps me here !  it's  sad that u put an end to it !

  • mmalhomsi ah but the stress about having to post something became a blockage to me, so I had to stop. And it worked because I'm finally (but slowly) getting back into the flow again :)