Inspired by all of you . i decided to start a polybook..

a way to share my WIPs and Learning progress.  and to exchange ideas with you, 

my end goal for now is to start working on a pro portfolio.

  • theluthier yes you can! 😃

    I agree with Kent Malhomsi, Instagram is much better for sharing art. And also a lot easier to follow than twitter imo! I like it way more. I started a twitter account only because I was missing some interesting news, but honestly every day I'm thinking about discarding Twitter again, it's messy and busy and I like watching art on Instagram a lot more.

    Once Sensei Kent finally starts an Instagram account I can stop looking at twitter 😉😛

  • mmalhomsi I use Twitter to post WIPs and stuff, but it's really hard to get any attention unless you spam the hastags.  I don't care for Instagram because even though you still retain ownership over your work (previously you could not), they still have permission to use your art in any promotions in any way without crediting you.  Plus you have to publish from your phone in a specific size ratio and it's just really annoying in my opinion.  Facebook also owns Instagram, so if you don't like Facebook, I'd be hesitant to use Instagram.  Might as well get the profile even if you don't use it just so someone else doesn't alter your online presence, if that makes sense.  You could use some social media publishing tools to help with scheduling posts and stuff so you don't have to be so plugged in all the time (Hootsuite is what I use personally, but there are others).  Ultimately, up to you. 

    Also, publish low quality images on social media with a watermark so someone can't steal them as easily.  It'll be more hassle to the stealer and they will be less likely to steal it.  If there's anything you really want to protect, apply for a copyright in your country.  While you may technically have the copyright from the moment you make it, registering it will provide even stronger protections against infringers.  Take a look into it and see.

    Anyway, that's the end of my cautionary tale.  It's up to you to do what you want.

  • silentheart00 thank u for taking the time to give me advice ! finaly it seems too complicated.. i m puting social network a side for now , Artstation may be enough ! 

    theluthier  and smurfmier1985  thank u for ur response ! 

  • Likeness is a pain ! 

    Round 1.. about 2 hour sculpt, i dont think i nail the likeness 

  • mmalhomsi No problem!  Studies have shown that social media is a negative on one's mental health, so might be better in the long run.  Let us know what your Artstation is and at least I will give you a follow!

  • Learned Lessons this Week :

    -before trying to get any likeness f , get a good head sculpture .

    -get a worflow ! sculpting human figures needs it 

    -Anatomy anatomy anatomy anatomy ...

    -working from Photos sucks ! 

    - interpratation and style  Vs exactitude .. a hard balance , but i think it good to look for the attitude ,expressioon that defined someone face … 

    Please share ur thoughts and ideas ! 

  • mmalhomsi Hey Malhomsi, you probably have done this course already, I haven't but as far as I know it's all about creating likeness and such. If you haven't watched it (or maybe it was a long long time ago) it might contain some good pointers for you.

    The art of sculpting

  • smurfmier1985  hello Miranda , i hope u r fine !

    i ve already Watched this lovely course ! ( more than once !)

    i m trying now to read between the lines .

  • mmalhomsi It also helps to work from large to small details.  So, get the basic shape of the head, then the basic shape of the features.  Make sure the features line up about where you want them before going into detailing.  It's a decent head sculpt, but maybe the features are too generic?  Pinpoint what makes a person recognizable.  High cheek bones?  Low cheek bones?  Big nose?  Small nose?  Rounded nose or angular?  Big jowly jaw or tapering and defined?  And so on.  Keep practicing.  You got this.

  • silentheart00 thank u for responding ! as usual it's really Something i do appretiate !

    i love the idea to pinpoint the recognizable features ! i ll do as u said take a step back , doing the basic shape  matche before going to far in details !

    did u do likeness befor.?

  • mmalhomsi I haven't done extensive studies into likenesses until Kent's character development stream, and around September or October of 2018 when I was creating a lot of busts that I started to seriously study features in more depth than before.  I always liked characters, but my style was more anime than realistic, and you can extrapolate away with most facial structures in an anime style.  But, learning realism is really pushing me to focus more on the structure of faces and bodies.

  • Back to School !!

    i think that i cant afford approximation with anatomy , i have to study it more !

    i get my old books out  , so back to school !! 

    skull anatomy : primary volumes and shapes  study , attention to zygomatics ,and maxilla

  • mmalhomsi somebody getting obsessed with anatomy learning :D

  • nekronavt obsessed with anatomy re-learning ! ;)

  • going crazy ! sculpted from a skull ,trying Something new !

  • mmalhomsi lol, dude, take it easy.  Or go hard.  Faces everywhere!

  • silentheart00 lol u r right !! i have to take it more easy !!

  • Executioner WIP

    quick sketch trying to get proportion and the feeling of the character , she seems muscular but with somehow rounded !

    i m trying not to over sexualize her ..

  • mmalhomsi The knees look a little low.  Looks pretty good overall.

  • silentheart00 i m not happy with the legs .. i keep telling my self the they will not be seen anyway…