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Hi Jonathan, just finished watching this livestream about the animated robot character and it was awesome 😊 So great these are now easy to find on the site! 

Is the Unity file and script of this stream somewhere available for download, to study?

Also, in the livestream you mentioned dev logs about the FPS project, where might I find those? Would love to read them.

Also watched the livestreams about Timeline & Cinemachine, those streams are gold, full of awesome info! Great way to show some of Unity's features and potential without creating a whole course (which takes a lot of time I'm sure). Will you be doing more livestreams about Unity in the future?

Thanks for your answers! 😎

  • crew

    Thanks! None of my live streams came with project files. One of the benefits of live streams is that they weren't a requirement which means I can teach using assets I don't need to distribute. Effectively expanding what I can teach. While I do have the assets from the stream, they are also available through the Robot course. I'm actually thinking of creating a course on creating a third person controller with that character so it might make a resurgence there. 

    The game dev articles are here: 




    I would like to do more live streams in the future, but probably stick with easier to digest topics. I find that most of my live streams tend to be too technical to follow so I'd like to try some more fun topics that everyone can enjoy. 

  • jgonzalez Thanks for the links to the dev logs 😊

    I'm very very interested in a course that teaches how to create a third person controller! Even more so if it also contains adding and adjusting all the needed animations to create at least all basic functionality (idle, walk, run, jump, grab, some basic attacks, etc.), so creating a more complex mechanim blend tree than in the fundamentals course, and also learn the needed coding for that. It would also be very cool if there could be an advanced chapter at the end going into adding more special moves (like wall running, dashing, or a combo attack with finisher move 😎)

    The next couple of years I'll be working on creating a playable level of my own to put into practice everything I'm learning (and because it's fun!), and since games with a third person view are my absolute favorite (mostly love adventure games / action rpg / platformers), that's what I'll be creating. Looking very much forward to learning this 😄 

    I'm sure more people really like these kind of games and want to create something like that (at least if they're like me they will want to make something they would wanna play themselves), so they'll probably want to learn how to get a character moving. Seems like the most awesome and satisfying thing ever! Got excited just watching you succeed in the livestream, made me wanna try myself 😬

    Also looking forward to more Unity Livestream fun btw 😉

  • jgonzalez Question, when is the 'third person character controller course' planned to come out?

    Or am I a bit too enthusiastic..? 😉

  • smurfmier1985 jgonzalez  

    I agree with Miranda! I´d be veeeery interested in a course on 3rd Person character controller! 

    I also plan to make a little game with 3P view! ^^

  • fide Awesome Ingrid! 

    I hope you'll be posting your progress in the forum btw? would love to follow it 😊

  • smurfmier1985 

    I plan to! I have the "story" down and the mechanics I would like to include. The character concept is pretty much done aswell, but I´m not good/confident enough to start with the 3D model yet, so I model some probs first.  Once I got a bit more I´ll make something like a development post! ^^

    (and I plan to make a polybook soon )

  • smurfmier1985 Do you already have something in mind for your game?

  • fide sound like a good start 😊 Best of luck and I'll be watching out for your polybook and dev posts!

    I have the story thought out as well, and am currently working on modeling the main character, but that's way more challenging I thought it would be! So maybe your approach is smarter 😎👍🏻

  • fide I'll be posting a more detailed post about it somewhere in the next couple of weeks in my polybook, I'll tag you so you can read it if you want 😊

  • smurfmier1985 Sure thing! I´m very interested in your progress. 

    Is the guy ,who you posted in your last polybook entry, your main character?

  • fide yes he is 😬

  • crew

    smurfmier1985 At the minimum it would include general movement in all directions (forward/back/strafe/angled) and typically these types of controllers follow a key point directly in front of them. So in my case I would be using the mouse pointer as the main direction of focus. That would be the base of the controller as just about every third person controller would have that. Beyond that it's really dependent on what you're trying to do with the character. I'd have to work with Wayne a bit to get new custom animations for things like interactions or more unique movements like impact effects or crouching, etc. If I have the animations, I'd be willing to go deeper and experiment. Who knows maybe a course like that could have multiple chapters covering various TPC's that people would want to build. 

    An ETA on that course is not set yet, it's mostly been something I want to build. Currently I'm working on a side scrolling 2.5D game, which includes a 2D character controller (2D movements anyways). Once that is out, I'll look at creating the third person controller course. 

  • jgonzalez Oh man, a side scrolling game! That brings back fond memories of the first video games I played in my youth! You kinda got me excited here 😊

    Also that gives sensei waylow some time to create some awesome custom animations for you so you can go more in depth on the third person controller so that's a double win 😉😁