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Unity Asset Packs & Animation Packs



Yesterday I read this awesome article of yours about 'creating great game assets' on the Blender Market blog, and honestly it got me super excited and inspired! What a great and fun way to get some practice and experience, fill up your portfolio, and if it all works out nicely even make some money along the way 😊

I really like the sound of this challenge to create easy to use, truly game-ready, and reusable Asset Packs. And I love the idea of Animation Packs even more!! (no surprise there 😉)

This brings me to my questions:

  • Could you point me towards some Animation Packs and Asset Packs that you really like and which meet the requirements you mentioned in your article? As many links as you can provide would be great! I would really like to check out some of these to study what a great asset looks like.

  • What would be the best platform for selling these? Blender Market, Unity Asset Store, Gumroad? or should I try reaching more people by selling on multiple platforms? Does that even work?

  • Any resources / tips for promoting your products? 

  • Any extra tips? Advice? Additional learning resources? Examples? Blog posts? (maybe also doing a livestream on this topic? that would be great! 😄)

Anyone else reading this, feel free to chime in, would love to hear your thoughts.



  • crew

    Glad you liked the article. I only have a few animation packs as I don't buy animations often. I had a pretty vast library of Mixamo animations that had all sorts of great movement animations so I used those often. I did however buy animations for a fighting game I was working on. I'll post a few packs from different genres that I really enjoy. 



    Kubold is basically the "gold standard" for me when it comes to game animations. He does an amazing job with the animations in general, but the packs are also very neatly organized, animations are named properly and easy to find and everything is ready to be used as needed. I don't need to fiddle with animations and they work with every character I used. He also includes both in place and moving animations. This is important in games as sometimes you may want an animation to move a player and other times you want them to stay in place for visuals.


    this is another pack I used yesterday mostly for movement animations. Surprisingly enough I found it difficult to find general movement animation packs. This one again just worked out of the box so to speak. Easy to use prefabs, animations are clean and a looped where needed. 

    Explosive also has some great animation packs I've used in the past and they have quite a few for different genres of games. 


    Synty is one of my favorite authors of environment packs. They specialize in lower poly stylized model and they do a great job with them. Essentially they create different environments like an office, city, or even unique locations like dungeons and medieval castles. They've been doing it a while and it shows. Beyond the amazing models, everything is organized well. Prefabs are created both as single pieces and "chunks". They provide some completed scenes usually from the featured image of the pack itself which is great to see how to build something similar. 

    ChamferZone is a Senior Artist at Ubisoft and it shows. He's my go to for anything realistic weapons like. He has an impressive set of weapons and he also sells training on Gumroad. He has a few tutorials on Youtube as well that show off how he created a few models and uses Substance Painter with 3ds Max. 


    This is one I've used before. It's a more realistic scifi pack that looks amazing. Again same as Synty, they are well organized and come with a variety of prefabs. 


    Krypto289 is one of my favorite authors for special FX. I've purchased 3-4 of his packs and they usually include a variety of unique particle effects along with custom shaders. 



    This Grunge Kit I really enjoyed. I don't typically buy UI packs, but this looked great and I could see myself using it for a variety of games. It comes with all the images shown along with a scene showing them all off and prefabs as well for use quickly. 

    So those are just a few of my favorite packs. Sometimes if something catches my eye I'll just buy it on the Asset store. The key thing all these packs share is that they are not only high quality, but they're easy to use for anyone buying them. Include premade prefabs, an example scene and keep everything properly named and organized. Understand how these are used in game and how people will use them, and make it easier for them to use your assets. Nothing is more annoying than having a mess of mesh improperly named all sitting within one folder and having to put together everything myself. 

    As for selling, I would personally sell everywhere you'd like. The asset store is massive, along with the Blender Market so I would definitely do both. You'd probably get up higher on the Blender Market. Gumroad is also great, most people I see sell on there as well but it tends to be easy to be lost on there. 

  • crew

    Oh I forgot to answer a few more questions you had. 

    Any resources / tips for promoting your products?

    Make quality products then show them off on Youtube or create fancy promo renders showing it off. You can even show it off in the game dev subreddits. I usually go to Reddit for all my game dev info and people post gifs/images/videos there all the time showing off their work. Same for the Blender side. 

    Any extra tips? Advice? Additional learning resources? Examples? Blog posts? (maybe also doing a livestream on this topic? that would be great! 😄)

    I don't really know a lot of resources that delve into the game art side of things. Mostly just stumble upon various resources as I see them (mostly through Reddit). https://80.lv/ is a great site that always has articles from various artists including those from AAA game studios so it's worth browsing and gleaning some knowledge. 

    As far as live streams go, I would like to have one where we review Blender Market assets and explain what they do well and what they need to improve from the perspective of someone using it as an asset pack. Game art is not something I'm quite skilled in yet, so I can't really teach on that aspect but someday in the near future I may delve into that side as well. 

  • jgonzalez Thanks for all the great examples! Browsed through them and these are great, will take the time to examine these further. As well as take the time to learn how to use assets in Unity and in games. Because I want to create great assets, not carbage no one can or wants to use. Thank goodness I'm a very organized person and addicted to naming everything, so that part is already ingrained in my brain 😊 Also thanks for all the tips and advice, really appreciate it!

    As for the livestream on Blender Market assets, the way you mentioned, that would be awesome! I'm sure more people are interested in seeing that! I see theluthier still hasn't planned a livestream for 19 February, sooo... wink wink nudge nudge Edit: ha! now the slot has been filled, lol 😛

  • jgonzalez Thank you very much for sharing these resources!