Ronald Vermeij

Suggestion for using #Hashtag(s) in the CGCookie galleries:

Hey CGCookie Staff-Members.
After being away for a while I just returned to the CGCookie forums. I was browsing its wonderfully galleries to admire the works of other CGCooksters, when an nice idea (for efficiency and search gallery improvement) came to mind

Just like other social media platforms are using the #hashtag successfully to index and find back their content. Here is an example how this can work out on the CGCookie community.

A - Each CGCookie course is given their own (internal) course number and unique #hashtag

B - All relevant uploaded student materials use the same hashtag in their comment field:
- inside the CGCookie galleries
- outside on the rest of the social media
This make nice free CGCookie advertize in the process by the way
See the concept images below to get an idea how it can work here

C - No modification to any CGCookie App/website back-end systems needed,
since the Gallery search function already can find any words - and thus hashtag - in the comment-fields too.

See the attachment for the images, since i got an upload error when embedding these graphics.

I'm curious to what you all think of this #hashtagging suggestion?