Ala Dhiabi

What is the recommended way to create “motion lines”?

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering what is the recommended way to create "motion lines" , am talking about something similar to this video here is a still image for anyone not wanting to watch it: 

in game development we call them "trail effects" but its not that easy to make them behave like they do in these "simple" After Effect tutorials (how their length adjust based on the motion, etc..)

So can anyone let me know what's the best method here ? also what do the "3D community" properly call them so i can make better research ?


  • Whats up Ala. I remember having the option for some type of tracer effect in the game Vice City. Turning it off made things go faster, and turning it on really made the action parts look surreal for a lack of a better word. O yea and there was this bloom effect too. They don't seem to be used much anymore.

    I'd just do those tracers manually (the ones in the video you shared) You know like draw them in. But of course there is a better way.