Suggestions for a curriculum please

Hello everyone, I have come to realize that I need to limit myself to what I want to do with Blender as I find the learning curve quite steep for me. After some thought, I have decided that animation would be my thing. This is what I want to learn: for example, I download a model of a Star Destroyer (there are superb ones on sketchfab) and let's say some X-wings and animate a space combat scene. Which courses would be good for me. So far I have been studying and viewing the basic courses and am in the unwrapping and 2D painting course. This material isn't sitting with me and at my age, I will run out of time before I can accomplish some nice modeling (lol). I see that there is a course on fundamental animation, I will start with that one if the feedback I get here agrees with it. Ah to be 20 again!! Thanks everyone.

  • bbailemy Hi! Most animation stuff on CG Cookie is about character animation, though the animation principles you'llĀ learn will definitely also apply to a space scene!

    I recommend to check out the Animation Learning Flow, they've got some amazing courses there!

    To start with, you can watch the Animation Fundamentals Course from the Beginner Learning Flow to see what it entails (I sure did), it is full of good info and the instructor is really enthusiastic, it's fun to watch šŸ˜„ Doesn't take too long either. But I recommend thenĀ skipping those exercises for now (you can always do them later!), and move on to theĀ Blender Animation Bootcamp. It covers the same topics (and more!) as the fundamentals course, but it goes in a much more manageable pace and with a better build up in difficulty for the videos & exercises.Ā 

    Hope this helps you on your way! šŸ˜Š

  • smurfmier1985 Excellent and thanks Miranda, I will start today. Cheers