Eduardo Abreu

Sculpting in 2.8

Hey guys, I was wondering if there's any issue using blender 2.8 to follow along with the sculpting courses? Did it change too much or it's possible?

  • Aside from adjusting to the visual appearance of the 2.8 user interface, I would say you shouldn't have too much trouble following along one of the sculpting courses using 2.8.  When Kent Trammel did a live class a few months ago which did some sculpting in 2.8, there were some frustrating issues  with some of the keyboard shortcuts for the different sculpting brush types; but those problems have been resolved now - assuming you've got the newest edition of 2.8 that is.  In fact I think all or most of the brushes still have the same shortcuts you'll learn for them in the 2.79 course videos.   If in doubt, just hit Spacebar while in sculpt mode and it brings up a list of brushes right at your cursor location - you can select them there, but the list also shows all the shortcuts for all the brushes.  

    As a suggestion: you CAN still actually change your normal default 3D viewport to Sculpt Mode as needed; but I personally find it more useful to just click on the Sculpting tab at the top of the window to go to the Sculpting workspace, which is already in Sculpt Mode and all set up.   I find switching between the different workspace tabs makes it a lot easier to go back and forth between different kinds of work without having to fiddle with the individual interface elements too much - but if you would rather keep your UI looking more like the one in the video to reduce confusion, you can certainly do that of course.

  • jjakeblended Thanks a lot Jake for sharing the 2.8 experiences, actually those shortcut troubles in August left me stay away from 2.8 sculpting but then so will look into it again

  • csehz Yeah some of the brushes were "grouped", so you had to use the shortcut multiple times to toggle through the brushes in the group, but the toggle didn't work was confusing.  Now, all brushes have their own shortcut. 

  • jjakeblended Hey, thanks for the insightful answer! I downloaded the latest version and I haven't tested the shortcuts yet, but the ui is getting really beautiful: 

  • I should say....I said "UI differences" and that covers a lot, but maybe the biggest one is that the tool settings for the brushes used to be in the toolbar (the "left viewport side panel) in 2.79....but as you can see, the toolbar is very very different in 2.8.  The brush settings now live in the properties editor - the panel on the lower right of the window - in the Tool tab.  If you use the Sculpting workspace, that tab is already open and ready to go.  In case you accidentally wander off of it though, it's the very first tab - the one with the screwdriver/wrench icon.  

    And yes, the Properties editor tabs are now VERTICAL, instead of horizontal across the top!  It does make for a neater and easier to use UI, but it still might take some getting used to; the tabs are in the same order at least.  You can hover over the icons for a tooltip if you need help discovering which tab is which.  

    Also, in that image you posted, in the list of brushes - that Simplify brush is just recently added!  All it does is reduce the complexity (or density, resolution, number of triangles, however you want to say it) of the mesh without changing its shape.  Obviously you need Dyntopo turned on in order for it to work.  The functionality isn't really new, but existing as its own dedicated brush type is very useful.  

  • jjakeblended how is it possible that they keep adding more awesome new things that makes me love 2.8 even more? I already loved it so much!! That new brush sounds sooo cool and helpful 😄 Thanks for mentioning that Jake, didn't know about it yet!

  • jjakeblended I've been following the development from their channel on youtube but it's really weird when you open it up for the first time after having 2.79 as default for a long time haha