Ben Reichel

Graphics Tablet for Mesh Modeling?

Hey Folks,

So, I picked up an Intuos a little while back.  I've used it a bit here and there for some Photoshop art and Blender sculpting.  Just for fun, not for learning yet.  I know it is recommended for sculpting and in my limited experience I understand why.  

Should I be using the tablet for Mesh Modeling too?  It seems a little wonky but I'm still getting comfortable with using the tablet in general.

I've just been curious if I should be ditching the mouse altogether or swapping only in certain situations.



  • I don't think you should. You don't try to imitate a brush or a pencil while mesh modeling. You just drag around vertices, extrude them or do other operations where you drag your mouse across the screen left and right to get it just right (think of bevel or inset operations) which are not at all comfortable with a tablet.

  • While mesh modeling I mostly use not even a mouse, but a keyboard. I don't think that a tablet is handy for it.

  • I got myself a tablet about 6 months ago. It takes a while to get used to it, but once you do I think it's superior to a mouse for mesh modeling as well.

  • I think it's mostly personal preference. Some people love it for mesh modeling, some people hate it. Only way to find out for yourself is to try it for a while, to see if you like it.

  • Thank you for the replies.  I'll give it a go for a while just to get used to it and see how I like it.  It will at least get me used to using the pen for when I start learning sculpting.