yukino hatake

bevel acting strange

hello guys.
working onto a pretty big project (creating a full house). Somehow my bevel act strange with certain edge's  . this is how it looks .
does anyone know what could be causing this ? 

  • Hi yyukinoh1989 ,

    there's different reasons why a bevel could misbehave, try checking the following:

    - did you apply Scale and Rotation on your object (Object mode, Ctrl + A > Apply Scale & Rotation)

    - check your normals (Edit mode > select all > Ctrl + N )

    - presence of doubles that need to removed.

    Regardless whether you use the bevel modifier or the ctrl+b tool, this first troubleshooting can solve your issue. If not, I'd be curious to know how it looks before it get bevelled.

    Good luck and hope that helps!


  • tbrbn thank you . indeed those 3 options helped . i do wonder now i have the door . and the frame of it .
    there is 1mm difference in all 3 sides of the door compared to the frame (left right and top side)
    is there a way to make it so it snaps to it but stay away like 1 mm of those sides or isnt this possible to do ?
    i kinda want to make it realistic (still need to add the some things like hinge and door handle (hope i have it correctly ) otherwise blame google translate xD  )