Ala Dhiabi

Suggestion for upcoming sculpting courses


I just had this thought watching a sculpting video timeplapse on youtube, and as always that dude is making some badass art, i checked his channel and was pretty happy that he offers premium tutorials, but after checking them i just couldn't buy any, and the reason is that they are not beginner friendly AT ALL.

I know that the majority of us who want to learn how to sculpt or do CG stuff in general would love to make a badass character but i've learned the hard way that starting with that is like shooting yourself in the leg, specially a humanoid character or even an animal, there is simply "too much anatomy" going on that a beginner cannot do right. 

So if the CGC stuff are going to release new sculpting videos for 2.8,  i would suggest a series that teach us things from scratch, we would start by sculpting "still objects" (rocks, fruits, etc..) then move on to simpler creatures, maybe something like The Angry birds and the pigs (the game version not the movies), and then move on to something more complex like 1st gen pokemons (melvin level)  and finally something like the Clash of Clans characters, from that point, its up to the student to learn the anatomy of whatever he/she want to sculpt and move on from there.